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7 Delicious Chocolate Recipes You’ll Want to Try

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Seven Delicious Chocolate Recipes You'll Want to Try

The creation of chocolate is a remarkable, somewhat magical process. Good artisanal chocolate is created through time, care and effort and knowledge of the origin of the cacao and the various processes to chocolate’s creation.

Georgia Artisanal Chocolatiers

Artisanal Chocolatier’s are emerging worldwide. I found several amazing chocolatiers in Georgia.

Artisanal Chocolatiers know their product and their craft. They select single sources of beans. They may grind and roast their own beans in small batches and follow European methods of producing fine chocolate. These artisans then combine the chocolate with selected ingredients to produce a heavenly product worth taking the time to enjoy.

Really good chocolate is an experience; it is to savor.

7 Delicious Chocolate Recipes for Chocolate Lovers

Reine de Saba

reine de saba is a delicious, rich chocolate cake recipe

Reine de Saba – Chocolate and Almonds. This is a very rich, delicious cake that is intended to be soft in the center. The addition of the ground almonds and extract make this chocolate cake heavenly. Not only this, it is covered in a Chocolate Butter Icing that makes this dessert an extra special treat.You will want to try this and it is marvelous paired  with fresh strawberries.

cake balls are easy and delicious - especially chocolate cakeThese Cake Balls are amazing, delectable little cake balls that are perfect for gatherings…you’ll find three recipes here!

the perfect chocolate cake recipe - rich and moistI made this cake for my daughter’s birthday – this rich, moist cake can easily be called, The Perfect Chocolate Cake.

Delicious, versatile Chocolate Sauce – this homemade chocolate recipe is quite wonderful!

It’s perfect for ice cream, puddings and cake… it’s a very versatile chocolate sauce.

Reminiscent of Bob’s Big Boy Hot Fudge Ice Cream Cake  – this is one of my most popular recipes – and it’s so easy to make!

This Chocolate Chip Cappuccino cake recipe is perfect for chocolate and coffee lovers alike.

While enjoying a great chocolate recipe…who doesn’t love a really good chocolate milk shake!

I hope you enjoy these recipes! These are some of my favorite and will be perfect for any occasion.

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