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Romancing the Home on A Delightsome Life how we love our homes

Thoughts now turn to romance and beauty.

Romancing the home.…what is that? Well, I believe it can mean so many different things to each one of us…But, I do believe there is a common factor – love. We love our family first and foremost. Our homes are our havens where we welcome one another we can come in be ourselves and be comfortable.

Romancing the home is a reflection of you. What makes you special to your family on A Delightsome Life

A Reflection of You

What is your personality type…what makes you smile…what made you attractive to your loved one? These are the essence of you that can shine forth in your home decor. Are you a bright and vibrant person?..Jeweled tone colors or bright pastels may suite you…Are you a quiet, serene person?..Well, soft shades of blue, beige and gray may be the perfect backdrop for you.

Romancing the home can be easy once you realize you are bringing to the decor what makes you unique shared on A Delightsome Life

Romantic Home Decor

The accent pieces that speak of your personality – do you like vintage decor? Or, do you like modern, sleek designs…Do you like all white backgrounds and flowers everywhere, or do you like warm woodtones, leather furniture and metal accents? Romantic home decor can be an extension of your likes and personality. It is what makes you feel at home – it’s you…and you know it!

How we love our homes - is a wonderful way to reflect how we love our family shared on A Delightsome Life

How We Love Our Homes

Our homes are our havens for our family and friends. Making our homes a place of comfort and welcome is a way we can show our love toward them.Click To Tweet

“I believe in daydreams. I believe we can build our own traditions and a visual world that pleases us.” Margaret McLean

Romancing the Home - how we love our homes shared on A Delightsome Life

Adding Romance Can Be Simple

Flowers add life to a room. Whether you select a bouquet of roses or a houseplant…this adds life and charm to your home’s decor.  We can also add comfortable areas to sit and to gather together – adding romance can be simple and charming. Leaving out a game or a stack of books can create an inviting air to the room for one to stay and to linger…

Romantic tablescapes is one way we can show how we love our homes shared on A Delightsome Life

Romantic Tablescapes

“It is fun to get together and have something good to eat at least once a day. That’s what human life is all about-enjoying things.” Julia Child

Whether it’s a table for two or more….gathering together at the table – a well set table – is a beautiful way for us to express our love for our family. Setting a beautiful table simply includes lovely place settings, a floral arrangement, perhaps candles and most importantly those we love.

Romancing the home is at the heart of home decor shared on A Delightsome Life

Romancing the Home is the Heart of Home Decor

How we love our homes is a reflection of how we love our families. Home…that one simple word that expresses joy, peace, love and comfort.

Romancing the home is about making sure we focus on what's important shared on A Delightsome Life


It’s about setting priorities and resetting them at times…it is about knowing what’s important. The home is the place we all come to to be ourselves and to find companionship with one another. Home…home decor….how we arrange our rooms – we should have the well-being of our family members in mind.

Romancing the Home round up

Romancing the home…

Come back to visit…on Thursday, February 8 I will be sharing this post with several other bloggers in a Round-Up of Romancing the Home – How We Love our Homes….each one will share their beautiful homes and how they Romance their Homes.

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