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8 Stunning Decorating Tips to get Paris Apartment Style

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8 stunning tips to get Paris apartment style on A Delightsome Life

8 Stunning Decorating Tips to get Paris Apartment Style

In my post, How to add French Parisian or French Country Style to Your Decor I shared 8 decorating tips to add Paris Apartment style.

Paris apartment style…many French apartments are graced with stunning historic architecture. The French are known to celebrate living life to the fullest and they have also developed the ability to celebrate the ‘bones’ of their homes. Through glimpses in magazines and movies set in Paris we can take a peek into French style.

French style embraces life and love and appreciation of all things beautiful. It’s definitely a feeling, that certain je ne sais quoi (An intangible quality that makes something distinctive or attractive.) 

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Lets take a closer look at the 8 Decorating Tips to get Paris Apartment Style

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Begin with the Bones  – Parisienne Apartments large or small have a sense of history, of elegance. Start from your walls. In many cases there is intricate moulding and detail throughout and most often herringbone style wood floors.  To emulate this look, you can add crown moulding, intricate decor to walls and perhaps hardwood floor. You can find these at stores such as Lowes or Home Depot and in some cases Habitat Restore Stores or salvage stores.

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Quiet or Muted Palette –  Keep the overall look subdued with softer or few colors in furniture and accessories. Monochromatic paint schemes work well with layers of white, linen, mint, light blue, gray or sand walls. Several paint companies have a wide variety of light colors there are a number of shades of white that would look beautiful in a French inspired room.

Photo by Francisco De Legarreta on Unsplash

Lighting – Although French interiors are more often serene and subdued, they typically have a bit of sparkle in the form of an antique or vintage French chandelier. The French also strive for originality in their lighting – this is a good place to make a statement. You can find beautiful affordable lighting also at Lowes, Home Depot and at Habitat Restore or on sites such as Ebay or Craigslist.

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Windows – If the French apartment or home can seem to be decorated in a minimalist style, some of the chicest French homes also embrace a touch of lavishness, like dramatic silk drapes that puddle onto the floor. Emphasizing the beauty of the windows and of the outdoors brings added beauty to any room. You can make your own curtains by purchasing discounted fabric or find beautiful window treatments on such sites as, Wayfair, Etsy, Ebay, Houzz, One Kings Lane. Also, you can find beautiful, affordable window treatments at TJ Maxx, Home Goods, Target and many retail stores.

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The Furnishings – Here’s where you can add distinctive French style. If you read my review of the Influence of French Style, you’ll note the evolution of the many styles in French Furniture. Pick the one you love. Search for that piece or a few if you’re lucky to have as the anchor, the focus to your room’s decor. As it is, a French home is never overly styled. There’s always an element of time and of use as can be seen in a piece with chippy paint, for example.

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The Area Rug: Whether you have hardwood floors, preferred, or carpeting, add a layer with an exquisite area rug. One that emulates the elegant or muted style you’re designing. With the French style in mind, you’ll want to make sure that this area rug inspires ‘the senses’.

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Go for the Gold: Some of the chicest French homes also embrace a touch of lavishness as can be seen with the inclusion of gilded furniture had it’s time in French decor. You can add a side table or a lovely ornate mirror or frames to your decor to reflect this element of French style. a gilded mirror so oversize it graces the ceiling will certainly do.

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Add Flowers: A bouquet of flowers is a perfect touch. You can add either a beautiful silk arrangement or fragrant fresh flowers to your room. Perhaps you can have it in a lovely French or oriental vase.

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Achieving a truly French design is all in the mix and arrangement  where you don’t sense the decorating ‘rules’. With an eye to aesthetics, blend art, objects, furniture with an idea of creating a collected design.  Add a sense of surprise with fun artwork and rough textured or aged objects. 

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