How to make a simple, beautiful DIY Moss Wreath

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How to Make a Simple, Beautiful DIY Moss Wreath on A Delightsome Life

How to make a Simple, Beautiful DIY Moss Wreath

Springtime beauty cannot be any more easier – and fun! I love the lovely, bright green of Reindeer Moss! This moss makes an easy, beautiful wreath – with few craft items necessary!

DIY Moss Wreath Tutorial on A Delightsome Life

Spring – Chartreuse Green

This is one of the main colors I will be using in my Spring decor this year! You’ll just love the light, bright color of Reindeer Moss and how easy it is to work with.

DIY Moss Wreath Tutorial on A Delightsome Life

How to Make a DIY Moss Wreath – simple tutorial:

What You’ll Need:

  • Green Foam Wreath Form – 16 inches
  • 7 packages of Reindeer Moss (4 oz)
  • Hot glue and hot glue gun
  • green floral wire
  • small branches from your garden

The beautiful thing about Reindeer moss is that it stays in clumps and is easily applied to the wreath form. With the hot glue, apply a stream of glue to one side of a bunch of moss then place on the wreath form. Continue adding bunch after bunch one next to the other with the hot glue to the wreath form. The easiest way to apply the moss is along the top then on the outer sides and the inside of the wreath form.

Simple Spring Wreath tutorial Moss Wreath

Adding Small Branches

Once you’ve completely added all of the Reindeer Moss to the wreath form, you then can add floral wire to the top side creating a loop to hang the wreath. You can, if you wish add the wire to the form prior to applying the Reindeer moss.

The total cost to this wreath is around thirty dollars – that is if you already have your own hot glue gun and hot glue sticks. It’s pretty easy and relatively quick to make. This beautiful wreath is perfect for Spring decor display and can transition beautifully into Summer decor.

Spring Wreath Tutorial how to make a DIY Moss Wreath

Displaying the Wreath

This makes a beautiful wreath to decorate our mantels, over bookcases, on china cabinets, in kitchens, dining room or living room. This craft fits many cottage styles  – such as French Country, Shabby Chic, Garden and Romantic Cottage.

I placed mine above the fireplace mantel. This complements the chartreuse green on the mantel top decor – as part of the spring decor for the whole living room. I will share more on my Spring mantel soon!

How to Make a DIY Moss Wreath for Spring or Summer Decor on A Delightsome Life

I love the charm and the lightness of spring and I do so love bringing these bright changes to my home’s decor.

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