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A Letter and a Roadmap to Creative Entrepreneurs


Amy Howard

I had the opportunity to review the Amy Howard at Home One-Step paint, Dust of Ages and antiquing waxes in March. I loved the ease of use of her paint and the wonderful things her Dust of Ages did to the finish of the piece.

amy howard at home one step paint a delightsome life

“The freedome to make a living doing what you love is the key to a full life of unending adventure…everyone has a place” Amy Howard

Amy Howard at Haven

10 Reasons I like Haven-11

So, when I found out that Amy Howard would be teaching a session at the Haven Conference last July, I knew I just had to take that class – no matter what!

The most unnatural path in life is not to do what you were made to do”. Amy Howard

A Sparkling Enthusiasm

10 Reasons I like Haven-3

As we were following her directions step-by-step to transform a piece of decorative trim, Amy told us her story. Her enthusiasm and passion resonated with all of us…we were drawn in to her story with a sense of complete understanding. Amy not only demonstrated her amazing products, but also demonstrated just what made her special.

Our dreams always seem bigger than we are in the beginning. The answer to all those rising fears is to start with persistent and measurable steps.” Amy Howard

Attention to Detail and Quality

painted dining room table-1

Throughout her career – Amy followed her dream of creating beautiful furniture by transforming pieces to resemble those she found in her European travels. As the popularity of Amy’s furniture and style grew, she continued to pursue opportunities to share her passion with others. She then thought of creating products for the DIY enthusiasts so that they too could transform found objects into one of a kind pieces. She did extensive research into the products and was selective in the quality of the ingredients.

transparency is attractive…your strengths are the lifeline for your integrity”. Amy Howard

A Maker’s Guide


Nothing could be better than to sit in conversation with someone you admire. This is how Amy Howard’s book will make you feel. You’re being addressed directly as if you’re a good friend sharing tips on how to improve your journey as a creative entrepreneur.

Rather than being discouraged by where you are not, begin to focus solely on what it is you want to spend the rest of your life building.” Amy Howard

It Starts With You…

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You are unique and so are your dreams…Amy encourages you in the beginning to understand your dreams and who you are. Amy shared a link to a survey you could take to understand your strengths…what makes you, you. It was quite revealing and spot on for me!

Living with Intention



Time management is one of those things we are often wanting to master, yet having difficulty grasping. Amy not only makes her approach to time management understandable, but also doable. It is all in the details of your day  – there’s more you can do than you realized!

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit” Aristotle 

Team Work

bloggers are a wonderful community

bloggers are a wonderful community

Understanding those who work with you as well as appreciating how you can collaborate with them can help your dreams expand beyond measure…Amy teaches how to ‘grow a team’. Bringing out the best of your team means knowing their strengths, encouraging them to come on board and to share your passion for your mission.

“Look for areas where you can praise and boost your team. Positivity is key to being an effective leader.” Amy Howard

The Road Ahead


Amy shares her vision of what it takes to continue in the adventure and to continue to dream. Change is inevitable as you and your business grow. How you adapt and how you ‘assess and re-assess’ along the way will be key to your continued success.

Never become too comfortable or complacent. A lack of awareness will lead you back to idleness.” Amy Howard.

A Guide Worth Reading and Re-reading


If you looked at my copy of ‘A Maker’s Guide” you’d see that it is full of underlining, notes and sticky pad notes. I have never been so drawn to nearly every word an author had to share. Each word, sentence, paragraph, chapter, etc…were nuggets of tangibly usable advice. I was being infused by Amy’s enthusiasm, by her commitment to quality and by her generosity in sharing her roadmap. Should you get one of your own. If you haven’t clicked on the link (an affiliate link) then, please do so now. Don’t hesitate – you’ll be drawn just as I was, you’ll be inspired and you’ll be charged with the spark of joyous enthusiasm for creative entrepreneurial life in a way only Amy could share.

“Believe in your mission so much that upholding it becomes your conviction”. Amy Howard

Thank you Amy.

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