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serene sunday-3Dearest and I went to see the movie, War Room. It is about a woman who’s struggling with her life and a dear Christian lady comes into her life and shares with her the power of prayer.

Life of Communion

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I have gone through periods in my life where I thought I was doing o.k. I thought, I’m a Christian, I know the right things to do, to think and to say. But, at times I was neglecting my prayer life, my communion with God. That’s not a recipe for successful living, I found. I became overwhelmed, stressed and didn’t understand why. Then I thought, have you prayed about this? Have you really poured out your heart before God…when was the last time you spoke with Him.

Peace – a trusting state of mind knowing you can depend on God


I was navigating my life on my own, on the surface I was all the things I should be, but within, I was in turmoil. I had no peace. I trusted in God…in theory, but I didn’t lay my concerns at His feet. I didn’t give them over to Him. I didn’t seek His wisdome, His will, His plan…I was doing my Christian life on my own. 

Life of Communicating

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I took my Christian life for granted. I missed in knowing that it is a gift to be able to communicate with God. It is a gift to me, my heart and mind. It is a building of a relationship. I realized I was missing out on so much…so much joy, peace and contentment; I was missing out on the realization that God wants to work through me; He has the best plan laid out. It has been said that God is the ultimate gentleman, He will not force himself on us. He does however prick our hearts, place people and circumstances in our path…he gently leads us when we don’t even realize we’re being sought after.

Life of Companionship


When I realized my folly, I confessed, I surrendered and I began to exercise my prayer life. I began to read His word more and I began to share more about His love and to joyfully share my faith. Fascinatingly, life hasn’t gotten easier. It has actually gotten more difficult. I have, metaphorically been walking through fires and mine fields. But, I have been following God’s lead; I have been pleading before Him my cause asking for wisdom and discernment. Every once in a while, I look at the circumstances and feel myself becoming overwhelmed. Then, God places someone in my life with the right word, with the right nudge to return to my faith and trust in God. 

Life of Confidence

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Ephesians 6:10 – 20 instructs us on how we can live with confidence. We can be strong in the LORD by putting on the whole armor of God…we can Stand having done that…and verse 18 tells us to “praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverence and supplication for all saints’

How To Pray


Praying in the Spirit brings unity with God.

Here are some criteria for making decisions and knowing what to do in situations…

  • Will it bring Jesus glory?
  • Will it bear fruit?
  • Will it contradict God’s will?
  • Will it cause you to depend on God?
  • Has God already said, ‘no’?

Every day, take time to pray, search the scriptures for verses to memorize, to pray back to God. It is also important to spend time with fellow Christians. 

  • Spend your life as a loveable Christian – love all people through Christ
  • Spend your life as a dependable Christian – do right…till the stars fall from heaven…do right

Struggling with something in your life is not a bad thing. It is good to come to a realization when you’re not doing all you can – that’s what repentance is about. It’s a coming to a realization that you’re going the wrong way, making a decision to turn, to change and to take on a different path. One of the greatest gifts we have is our prayer life – our communion with God. It is vital to all that we do.

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