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Time to Decorate?


I have seen a few bloggers change room decor, tabletops and mantels
to reflect the autumnal season. I had been resisting, until I talked myself
into it.

This is what the mantel looked like before


Here’s my logic to myself. The official first day of Autumn is just
a few short days away – 33 days.


I begin decorating for the Christmas season around Thanksgiving –
which is only two months after – so – my Fall decor would have only
been up for two months – now I can extend it to three – giving
me a ‘season’ of Autumnal decor.

The Mantel is one of the easiest places to start seasonal decorating
– it sets the tone for tabletops and bookcases. In our very hot, humid

South, the onset of Autumn is quite welcome and seems all too
short. Our growing season is quite long and the brilliance of
Autumn is a welcome sight.
Don’t throw away those old light bulbs!  There are several easy
crafts you can do with them. I wrapped one with twine using
spray adhesive and attached a trimmed loose silk ivy leaf. Light
bulbs make perfect decorative pear shapes.


Wishing you a most Delightsome day,

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