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Some Days are Filled with Music and Harmony

This was one of those mornings. I am delighted when my daughter is home for the weekends and especially on Sunday mornings. She is our pianist at church, so she begins her day by practicing and choosing her music. I love the house filled with music.

Harmonious Morning Pink teacup dried rosesI sit here at my desk enjoying my breakfast with a new, gifted teacup. Ahrisha from Joyously Living Life delighted me a few days ago with this amazing gift. She liked the Framed Bee Graphic I made a little while back and decided to surprise me with this vision in pink and gold. harmonious breakfastFor breakfast I made one of my daughter’s favorite – Biscuit and Sausage Gravy. I chose to have biscuit, honey and butter with rose tea for myself. My Father-in-law raises pigs, so the sausage is homemade full of sage and spice. Dearest and Daughter love my southern Sausage Gravy and my biscuits. Easy recipes – some of the best recipes are quite easy. roses and lilies on kitchen desk

Some have asked me how the Clearance Roses are doing – I divided the bouquets from our Easter table into vases on my desk and took the rose heads of the ones that were drying early – I placed these rose heads in two little white bowls dried roseheads in bowl dried roses and pink teacupThe morning began gloriously with my daughter’s piano music and was accentuated when I stepped outside by the brilliant sunshine and several birds singing. Quite a harmonious morning. rose tea and dried roses


I truly love this light, floral tea – it seemed a perfect choice to this morning’s breakfast. rose tea in pink teacup gifted pink and gold teacupThe delicate pink and gold teacup gifted to me by Ahrisha is so lovely – I love the pattern, shape and design of this teacup.

Harmonious Morning pink roses


How perfect these roses are. They beautifully complement the pink teacup and the pink Cheery Cherry blossoms in the kitchen corner. biscuit butter and honey


2 cups Self Raising White Lily Flour

1/4 cup Crisco Shortening

1 cup Whole Buttermilk –

you can add more if necessary

  • combine flour and shortening until the two ingredients are well incorporated. 
  • make a well in the dry ingredients and pour the buttermilk into the well (I rarely measure so the measurements above are an estimate – therefore, start with little and add milk until you incorporate to make a lightly sticky dough). Gently stir in buttermilk incorporating to make a soft dough. The dough should be slightly sticky. Add remainder buttermilk if necessary.
  • turn out dough onto a floured surface. Gently knead folding over dough two to four times patting down to make a disk. The dough should have the consistency of soft playdough – it should have some ‘spring’ to it.
  • using a biscuit cutter cut out your biscuits placing them on a parchment lined baking sheet. Gently combine the remaining pieces to form your last biscuits – the less you work your dough the more tender your biscuits.
  • bake at 500° from 8 to 12 minutes just until biscuits are light to medium golden brown.
  • brush on melted butter to the tops of your biscuits. Store remaining biscuits in an airtight container – if there are any.

*I thought maybe I could make a Youtube video to best explain how I put together these biscuits

Country Sausage Gravy

1 lb. ground sausage – such as Jimmy Dean – sage and or spicy

1/8 cup to 1/4 cup self raise flour

whole milk

  • brown your sausage – *note-some stores sell sausage similar to my Father-in-laws: it is in natural casing and in a long link coiled in the package – you just squeeze out the meat from the casing
  • sprinkle on the flour – do not drain the fat. Cook for about a minute.
  • add milk a little at first, stirring into meat/flour mixture. Add more to make gravy consistency. The flour will thicken the gravy as it cooks so make sure you’ve added enough to bring it to the right consistency.
  • Serve over split biscuit – ENJOY!

Note: I do use whole milk, butter, whole buttermilk etc.. in my cooking. I believe it makes for a better recipe – being a diet conscious society, I know many use lighter versions – my philosophy is use food in their natural state as much as possible and control portion size. 

harmonious morning biscuit and honey



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