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Nearly everything in Christina Symon’s cottage kitchen ‘has been repurposed, recycled and reimagined’. With the help of their neighbor and carpenter, Jeff Dexter, who has a talent for finding interesting salvaged items, Christina took her kitchen once filled with particle board cabinets and laminate countertops to one of character and beaut


Here are some examples of what you can find in Christina Symon’s Repurposed Kitchen:


· Repurposed Flowerpot Pendant Lights—
Much more than a spot for seedlings,inverted concrete flowerpotscan
transform into chic pendant lights that look great over your counter or table.


Salvaged wood can be found throughout Christina’s kitchen


· Redesigned Driftwood
—Save those scraps from windfall trees. With a little creativity
you can turnthem into cutting boards or windowsill glass
planters for those bright springtime blooms.


· Deli Canister Kitchen Organizers—
No need to splurge on expensive kitchen organizers. Recycled
deli canisters and mason jars turned sideways become instant,
stylish containers that will keep your shelves neatly sorted.

· Instant DIY Aged Metal—
Like the look of distressed metal? Whether you want a rustic,
rusted look, a perfect patina or a shabby-chic feel, cheat time
and age with Country Woman’s three tricks for aging metal
instantly. More on metal distressing at:

Read more about Christina’s amazing kitchen and find more ideas at Country Woman Magazine – online. Country Woman is also on FacebookGoogle+, Pinterest

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