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I had a wonderful full day shopping last week.


Living in the country, and with my schedule – I combine errands because most things are at least 30 minutes away. This is both good and bad.

This is one part of country living that I like.


The slower pace, the quiet – save for the chorus of birds every day. As well as making shopping day an event. When we lived in the Atlanta area we were close to two major malls…the conveniences were wonderful. On occasion, I do miss that!

I like that the local merchants are our friends.


Shopping in our little town takes a little more of your time. You stop to say hello, catch up on everyone’s news. Dearest went on an errand to our local Ace Hardware – he spent some time chatting with the owner and with a neighbor – sharing interests and gaining potential help in restoring his truck.

While on my day-long shopping trip I found these vases.


There was an image of a collection of Demijohns I was enchanted by. So, when I saw these two beautiful blue vases – I thought – why not! They have a very similar shape. 

They were a perfect compliment to the yellow of the Forsythia.


Which are blooming fantastically right now!


The yellow of the Forsythia also seem to be as bright and fresh as the lemons I’d just purchased.

But, soon they too will go along the way of the early season Daffodils…


now I have a few Iris blooming, flowering fruit trees are budding….spring’s glorious days pass too quickly I hope to thoroughly enjoy and capture each moment.

I will be participating with several bloggers in

Ringing in Spring 2014 Home TourI like the title to this tour…it reminded me of the practice of ringing bells for significant or special events. The arrival of spring in all it’s beauty is definitely a special event.

There have been a lot more inspiring tours and LINKYS celebrating spring…more to come! Check out the inspiring posts shared here.



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