The Garden in March

March Spring Flowers CollageSpring is on a roll here! We’ve had several beautifully warm days where we could spend time outdoors. I have been laying mulch out, cleaning and removing dead or damaged branches.

It’s wonderful to see the garden come back

Iris collageAs the first daffodils begin to fade, the Iris are beginning to bloom. Like the Daffodils, these white Iris can be found all over town…and where old homesteads once stood.

daffodil narcissus collageA couple years back, we rescued a large number of Daffodils from an old plantation site, which now is a granite mine…it was an incredible site to see all the daffodils that had naturalized around the abandoned granite buildings.

pansy collagePansies to me are my garden happy faces…they never cease to make me smile.

spring green and pinksIf I had to start a garden over again, one of the first plants I’d choose would be the Helleboro. They begin to show their beautiful blooms in late winter and their flowers look beautiful even when the seed pods set in. The Viburnum is a new plant in my garden – one I’ve wanted for a very long time – the early green of the buds enchant me.

spring garden collage2This is a good time to plant roses, perennials and shrubs. Even though I picked up a few Geraniums, it’s really too early to leave them out. We’re expecting an extended hard freeze tonight! I couldn’t pass them up at .25¢ each! I just love Geraniums.

march garden chores 2

I hope you’re having a beautiful day!

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