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A Romantic Christmas Tablescape

It will be dark when my Dearest gets home and it will be just 
the two of us once again. It is like that more and more. 
I have loved the soft glow of the lit Christmas tree in our dining room and imagined a table full of candles lit – wondering how that would look.
So, I set about to collect several of my favorite beeswax candles. 
I love their honey fragrance and their warm golden color.
I am choosing soft, serene colors to complement the white and gold
 of the Christmas tree as well as the amber color of the candles.
I surrounded the Beeswax candles with Paper Roses
I made a while back  for my daughter’s wedding.
A little silver is added to reflect the soft, shimmering light.
I paired a couple of my white dishes, one is frosted
with golden bamboo decorating the plate.
Gold-rimmed and golden goblets add elegance to the place settings.


Dinner By Candlelight
‘One candlelight dinner,
 Set for just two.

Soft music and lights,
 Just to say I love you.’
‘There’s a fire in our hearts,
That lights the passion in our eyes.
We see the candles flicker,
This night starts with a sigh…’


‘You’re here in all your grace,
Such beauty to behold.

An angel in all her glory,
On loan from God, I’m told.’
‘One starlit evening,
Under loves illumination.

We will take our time,
And share each other,
Without hesitation.’
‘So I purpose a toast to us,
On this special romantic event,

I purpose a toast,
For a night that’s heaven sent.’




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