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Christmas Party Fare 

Guests had already arrived so my pictures were taken fast!

I spent this past week in preparation for our

annual Christmas Party. My youngest daughter

helped me bake and create all the treats

then my husband and she provided the entertainment

last night.



It is always fun to bring together family, friends,

Church members and neighbors to celebrate

this Christmas season.

Last year, I made Brown Sugar Brie en Croute

a recipe I found on  Jacqueline’s blog, Purple Chocolate Home.


It was a hit.

This year I tried her Lemon Cheesecake ball

and her Chocolate Chip Pecan ball.

My husband really liked the Lemon cheese ball

and the younger folk really liked the Chocolate Chip Cheese ball.

I also made her Symphony fudge.

The menu included:

Bar-b-que meatballs

Bar-b-que ham cubes

Cubed cheese

Brocolli and baby carrots with dip


Chips and salsa

Petit Fours

Pecan Tassies



Cream Puffs

Cheese balls (lemon and chocolate chip)

Brie en Croute

Nuts and Mints


Percolator Wassail



I make a very easy punch.

It is equal parts 

Sprite to White Grape-Cherry juice

(any white grape juice combination works nicely)

with dollops of Raspberry Sherbert added.


After the party I always make note of what was popular.

Always it is the meatballs and the Brie is popular.

The grapes and cheese cubes always disappear as well as

the cream puffs.

I placed the decorative sugared fruit in a bowl after clean-up

The best part of the celebration is the company – it was fun

to see them participate in the games and Christmas songs.

It is always fun to bring joy to someone’s heart.


I have so missed sharing and visiting as I have become accustomed

to. This week I plan to catch up on emails and to share all

the wonderful things that have been happening here!


I want to thank Jacqueline for sharing her wonderful recipes

that helped make our party a success!

So inspiring!

I hope you all have a blessed, Delightsome day!

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