The Charming Romance Dried Roses Add to Your Decor


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The Charming Romance Dried Roses Add to Your Decor

I so love roses both in the garden and in the home. No matter what your style, a bouquet of roses adds beauty to your room. Sometimes, however, those roses I bring home dry without opening. I am perfectly fine with that. I love roses, but I also love faded roses too.

Dried Rose Crafts

I love the beautiful shades of soft colors in the romantic dried rose wreath I made a while back. This was pretty easy to make and over time the roses will fade even more. You can preserve the color of your dried roses with silica gel. I understand that white roses retain their color best, pink roses tend to fade. I’ve read that hairspray can seal color. I haven’t tried that yet. The darker the color – the more likely you’ll retain most of it’s faded color.

This is another rustic wreath with dried roses…both wreaths are still decorating my home. The colors of this rustic rose wreath have retained most of their beauty. The darker roses just seem to get even darker.

Dried Rose Buds

In our bathroom, I have dried rosebuds in apothecary jars and even laid on the shelf. This adds to the relaxing romance of the decor. I love the vintage, antique shade of these roses. They’ve been in our bathroom in this apothecary jar for years.

On a bookshelf. This bunch of roses have been used for years. They’ve retained this antique look for quite some time.

dried roses used in vignettes on A Delightsome Life

Dried Roses Used in Vignettes

In bowls…when roses don’t hold their shape, I use their petals in potpourri.

Surrounding cloches. I love the simplicity and beauty of the look of simply surrounding this cloche with tiny dried rosebuds.

Or let the lovely petals gather in a glass jar…you can add some fragrant rose essential oil. You can add orris root to preserve your homemade potpourri if you wish.

Beautiful little white rosebuds can charmingly become these….

dried roses and charm to your home's decor on A Delightsome Life

Autumn Colored Roses

Roses on A Delightsome Life

And these…become these.

I do so love the charm roses bring to our homes both in our gardens and in our decor. I am enchanted by the faded beauty of dried roses. I look for many and various ways to use them throughout my home. Do you? What do you do with faded, dried roses in your home?

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