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Our Christmas Party


We have been hosting a Christmas party at our home for over 10 years. It’s a wonderful collaboration. I plan, create and send out the invitations, decorate, plan the menu, buy or make gifts and Dearest, he and our daughter have worked together on entertainment. They select Christmas songs, games – we do two – a fun Ornament Exchange and a Left-Right Game. Dearest also sings and shares a wonderful message on the blessings of Christ in Christmas. 

Planning Starts Early

created with Picmonkey

                          created with Picmonkey using collage to make magnets to give away.

Actually, the year before. Each year, we give the guests a parting gift along with a ‘Save the Date’ card or as we did last year, a magnet. We normally schedule our party on the first or second weekend of December.

Planning a Christmas Party 101

  • Creating a Calendar

christmas-party-planning-101-october-2016-calendar                                                             you can add text using Picmonkey




You can also use wonderful free sites such as Picmonkey and Canva to add text to the images above and to create calendars – make them cute and fill in the dates with reminders of what needs to be done. 

Basic Tasks:

  • Save The Date
  • Guest List
  • Create or Buy Invitations 
  • Mail Invitations
  • Plan Menu
  • Plan Decor
  • Create or Buy Gifts
  • Shop for ingredients, craft items and/or decor
  • Clean House
  • Decorate
  • Bake and Cook
  • Set Up
  • Party!!!

What to do When

christmas-party-planning-101-doc                                                                                   LINK

In planning an event, scheduling the best date to have a task accomplished is essential. Here’s what I’ve learned: Dream, Create, Plan and Schedule

  • Create Save the Date – the year before when planning current year’s part
  • Plan Party Details – For me – it’s 6 weeks until the party*I’m planning NOW!
  • Create Guest List* and Mail Invitations one month before party date
  • Create Menu and plan shopping for Christmas Party Menu*
  • Plan Gift Idea* (either homemade such as soaps, jam, or cookie mix in jars)
  • Schedule Gift Making Dates – one month ahead
  • Schedule House Cleaning- week before decorating
  • Schedule Shopping – one month to 2 weeks ahead
  • Schedule Decorating – 2 weeks ahead – in case you need more items
  • Schedule Baking and Cooking – 1 to 2 weeks ahead – if it can be frozen – great!
  •  SET UP- enlist help! – A couple days before and day of

Menu Planning




You know I LOVE the library – there are numerous books on Holiday entertaining as well as recipe books. Online searching is wonderful, of course! Ask friends and family for favorite ideas and recipes – those will be appreciated and special. Remember you can use Picmonkey or Canva to create your invitations, tags and Save the Date magnets…use your imagination!

Have Fun In the Process


Planning a party is a lot of work. Make sure you make it enjoyable for yourself. If you plan well, you can not only create a wonderful event, but also be able to enjoy it as well with your guests!

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