Thompsons WaterSeal Penetrating Timber Oil Review

How to Nourish, Beautify and Protect Your Outdoor Deck or Patio


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Thompson’s WaterSeal Penetrating Timber Oil

Nourish Beautiful and Protect your patio or deck with Thompsons WaterSeal Penetrating Timber OIl


One of the most beautiful assets for our son’s home is his patio. It spans the back and side of the home. It seemed however, that it had never been stained or protected and being under numerous trees, truly – in the woods – it had been covered by leaves resulting in stains and mildew. I was thrilled then, when given the opportunity to review Thompson’s WaterSeal Penetrating Timber Oil – Hey! We love to do good things for our children don’t we!

Preparing The Patio

Thompson's WaterSeal Penetrating Timber Oil Review patio cleaned and cleared before

The patio, cleaned and cleared…

thompsons-waterseal-timber-oil-patio before - sanded after cleaning

After cleaning, we decided to sand the patio – before and after

thompsons-waterseal-timber-oil-to even remove all stains and to smooth the patio deck we sanded before applying the oil

Yes, we hand sanded this deck – it really wasn’t hard or didn’t take much time. It left the deck of the patio smooth and clean

Our son and his future Bride took on the first step in preparing the deck – they cleaned away the leaves and pressure washed the deck. When I arrived, there needed to be even more work done. Some of the trees were Oak, which meant acorns! Those little buggers were wedged between some of the boards. I and my son spent time clearing away  these acorns – we had to push some through using large scrapers. Then decided the deck needed a little more attention. The mildew stains had penetrated. So we sanded the deck. Yes, we hand sanded that large deck – one section at a time!

Cleaned, Cleared and Ready for Thompson’s WaterSeal Penetrating Timber Oil!

It’s recommended that if you use more than one can of this timber oil, to combine into a bucket. This large deck required more than four cans, so we combined them in a 5-gallon bucket. We stirred and began applying the stain. 



We applied the timber oil in sections – you can see the beautiful before and after here.


The oils and Iron Oxide pigments allowed for no lap marks or color streaking – you can’t tell where we did this in sections!

Three Oils Combined…Beautiful Colors…EASY Application


The patio after the product has dried and ready for use!


Now, my son’s patio is a beautiful asset to his wonderful home…and serene in its setting

I was amazed. I’ve stained furniture before and hated the streaked on look if I didn’t do it right. With Thompson’s WaterSeal Penetrating Timber Oil the application was practically foolproof! I did this in sections using a synthetic painting pad on a pole. I just ‘mopped’ it on lightly and evenly – going with the grain of the wood; there were no ‘lap marks or color streaking. The three oils along with the oxide pigment really penetrated the wood giving it an amazingly beautiful finish. We allowed the wood to dry – about 24 hours is what’s recommended. Now it’s ready for normal activity which includes his dog! 

Delighted With The Results


Easy to apply, amazing results – we love Thompson’s WaterSeal Penetrating Timber Oil…

Our son and his future Bride are delighted with the results. This deck can now be a wonderful extension of their home as they entertain or just enjoy relaxing together in the mornings or evenings. I am so glad I was able to help them, one thing checked off their list in their home improvement/maintenance to do list. 


The product shade we used was Redwood…Thompson’s WaterSeal Penetrating Timber Oil comes in several attractive shades

Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored post. The opinions are my own; I was given no instruction on what to write. I was sent the product from Thompson’s WaterSeal to try. Some links are affiliate links.

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