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Colorful Autumn Mantel Decor

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Pumkins, gourds, leaves, sunflowers, wreaths and more…

autumn, mantel, leaves, pumpkin, Southern Living at Home, Gail Pitmann, Provence, burlap, DIY, gourde

An abundance of color. This is what I had in mind as I dreamed, planned and gathered for my Autumn decor mantel. There must be pumpkins. There must be leaves. And there must be flowers. To me, Autumn decor in this room is all about color.

fireplace, mantel, trompe l'oeil, pumpkin, transferware urn, ladderback chair, leaves, autumn, interior decor, olive urn, Southern Living at Home, Gail Pittman, Provence

Visually appealing. Atop and above the mantel, I began with placing the pumpkins on the Gail Pittman Southern Living at Home Provence candlesticks (say that 3 times fast!) I liked how they look, I placed leaf garlands around each candlestick, some gourds, burlap pumpkins, some flowers and faux grapes in the center. When I hung the wreath, it touched the flowers – it was too low. Barring putting another nail into the brick fireplace I pondered my options. I finally came up with a very workable solution. In the center of the wreath I strung twine – tightly – behind the cats tail. I rehung the wreath and voila – a perfect triangle was created that imitated the shape of the fireplace.

I love balance and symmetry!

autumn wreath, faux flowers, pumpkin topiary, Southern Living at Home, Gail Pittman, sunflowers, candlestick

Using what I had…

Southern Living at Home, candlestick, pumpkin, Gail Pittman, Provence, silk flower, leaves, gourd, mantel, autumn

One of the other aspects to this year’s Autumn Mantel decor – I didn’t want to spend any money – I used what I had and clearance items from last year’s season. If you want to build your collection of decor items, Clearance is your friend!

The ambience of Harvest and Home

harvest, basket, leaves, gourds, ladderback chair, autumn decor, mantel decora basket filled with faux leaves and gourds on a ladder-back chair.

Italian olive jar, provence, grapes, harvest, autumn decor, bronze, mantel, Italian olive urn and tumbling grapes in a bronze bowl.

beeswax candle, bronze candlestick, mantel, autumn decor, living roomThe warmth and comfort of beeswax candles on wrought iron candlesticks.

French urn, blue transferware, patina, sunflowers, blackeye susans, autumn decor, mantelI loe this blue and white toile urn I purchased a while back from my friend Maria’s store – Rooms U Love.

autumn mantel, sunflower wreath, pumpkin, Southern Living at Home, Gail Pittman, Provence, candlestick, seasonal decor

I almost painted these pumpkins for another project…I like them very much as they are atop these candlesticks.

burlap pumpkin, DIY, faux pumpkin, candlestick, autumn decor, mantel, Gail Pittman candlestick Provence

Last year I made these burlap pumpkins. They add a wonderful – natural touch to the ends of this mantel vignette.

Well! There it is! Autumn has come to our living room mantel – full of color, full of all the wonderful things that make Fall a delight!

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