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A Big Change

considering gray or greige updating living room

I am so delighted by the change I made last year to our dining room. I do love that blue! Now, it is time to change the color in the living room. We chose the colors throughout the house over 10 years ago. We’ve loved them, but they’re showing the love in some places, and I have a different vision for our living room.

The Plan

going gray or greige before and after

It might seem simple to decide to go gray or greige, but I found it not to be. Standing in front of the paint samples – the colors looked good. I found that you should consider the family of colors the shade of gray or greige comes from. If it is in the green family – the underlying color will look green, if it is in the blue family – the underlying color will look blue. So on and so forth. I found that the best neutral underlying – or nearby color should be brown.


paint samples updating living room color

I love that you can buy paint samples – that way you can live with the color for a while and view it in different light conditions. We tried four colors. I discovered that it was a little difficult to distinguish the colors apart from the gold beneath. I liked what at The Turquoise Home did, painting the samples on large white sheets. This gives you a true vision of what your paint color could look like.

Visual Examples

soucre picture 1, 2, 3

source picture 1, 2, 3

source picture 1, 2

source picture 1, 2

I searched and found a few examples of the colors I was considering to see how the paint color would look in a decorated room. This helped me in considering decor style.

Making Changes

changing paint colors in living room

I will be making a few changes to the look of some of our furniture. Repainting gives us a wonderful opportunity to update the look of the furniture using paint and fabric. 

Testing The Paint

testing paint colors in living room

I decided to test two of the colors I’d narrowed down to. I found that the built-in bookcases proved to be an easy location to give me an idea of what the colors could look like. I immediately liked the warmth and tone of the color I’d selected for the interior wall of the bookcase.

A New Look

wonderful changes in living room changing colors going gray

I’m really looking forward to the changes painting the walls will create. This will also lead to changes in the look of the upholstered furniture – there’s a fabric sale next month – and some of the furniture will get painted. This will be a wonderful, fresh look for the spring – I look forward to the changes.

Great Grays


I couldn’t end this post without another inspiring photo from one of my favorite Bloggers, KeriAnne from Thistlewood Farm- she has a beautiful home and shares her selection of The Best Gray Paint Colors. They are marvelous! What do you think of gray or greige as a choice for wall color?

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