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When Two Beautiful Things Come Together…

Country ChicChalk Paint

Country Chic Chalk Paint

What is it about paint that makes a girl’s heart flutter? Don’t get me wrong. I do love the beautiful patina of stained furniture…but, paint does something special in my mind to a piece of furniture. I was given the opportunity to bring two beautiful things together…an exquisite table and Country Chic Chalk Paint.

Beautiful Gift

Country Chic Chalk Painted Table-6 copy

A few months back I received a phone call from my sister. She found this marvelous drop leaf dining table – did I want it? What a question! Of course, I did! Then, it sat around for a while…because I had so much going on and because I wasn’t quite sure how I wanted to transform it.

Chalk Paint

source - Country Chic Chalk Paint

source – Country Chic Chalk Paint


Then, I was contacted to try Country Chic Chalk Paint. LOVE chalk paint and how easy it is not to mention what it can do to a piece of furniture! So, sure, I’d love to try it and share my experience! Choosing from their wonderful selection of colors was easy – I knew, since the dining room was blue and some of the furniture was painted shades of blue, gray and cream…that’s where I’d like to keep the trend.

My Selection


Elegance and Simplicity. The names alone seemed perfect and perfectly matched the paint colors. I chose Elegance for the top of the table and simplicity for the base and legs. Then, I realized once the leaves were dropped, you could definitely see the underside of the top of the table. So, I had Dearest help me turn the table over, it’s quite heavy. And I completely painted the underside of the table.

Country Chic Chalk Painted Table-3 copy

Not enough of a transformation…

Country Chic Chalk Painted Table-5 copy


You know, I have to add something, whether it’s the appearance of age or free-hand stencil etc…At first, I thought I’d go completely different and attempted a free-hand pattern – similar to the one on the rugs at the back door…I wasn’t in love with that. So, I repainted the top then I stared a while – I picked up the rose patterns on the pillows.

Free-hand Roses…

Country Chic Chalk Painted Table-7 copy

Ah, Hah! That’s what I would do! I would draw out the roses on the pillows and paint soft toned roses at the corners of the table – top and bottom!

LOVE The Transformation! 

Country Chic Chalk Painted Table-8 copy


Paint. What wonders it does! Chalk paint – what a wonderful tool for those who want to transform furniture easily without much prep work. I do love the ease of application, the smooth texture and the coverage Country Chic Chalk Paint provides.

Final finish

Country Chic Chalk Painted Table-2 copy

I could have chosen from two finishes – beeswax or top-coat. I selected the top coat since the table will get much use when the whole family stops by for a meal.

Interested in Chalk Paint

Country Chic Chalk Painted Table-1 copy


I would say, you’d love the selection of colors, ease of application and beauty Country Chic Chalk Paint could bring to your furniture transformation project.

Country Chic Chalk paint beautifully transformed this drop-leaf dining table

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post, however I did receive a sample for my review. All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.



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