country living fair stone mountain Georgia

Country Living Fair 2013


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The wonderful things I saw

country living fair stone mountain Georgia

Day 1

If I closed my eyes, I could imagine the beautiful day with all the wonderful sights, sounds and smells…

My Darling Daughter and I spent Friday together at the Fair – it was her first visit and my third. It was fun seeing everything from familiar eyes and new from her eyes – a lot of vendors return year after year bringing their style of vintage, handicraft and awesome collectibles. I do admire and appreciate all the hard work that goes into putting together this marvelous event

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true story…we took a group of children from church to Six Flags…we stopped by one of their many signs…it read ‘you are here’. One of the boys looked at my husband puzzled and said, ‘how do they know!?

We began our walk from the wonderful Cash and Cari booth –

actually starting from the lower end…she was quite impressed  – there were so many vendors!


We wound our way along the paths, checking out the booths and then headed out to lunch. This year they had food trailers – quite a different approach. We ended up with Tacos and Lime Fries. Pause right there…Lime Fries. Oh, what a wonderful dish! I am now on the lookout for lime salt…the french fries were transformed!


Back we went to the vendors, I told my daughter I knew of one I really wanted to visit hoping he had a couple of the items I had planned to get. And, yes! He did – boy did he! Well,here’s the thing. The two things that I wanted was the Bread Dough Bowl and a large French Wine Bottle…both a wee bit heavy. I decided to carry them right away to the car. I drove my husband’s convertible, so I had to be very creative in getting these things into the car.


I really wore my daughter out trying to walk the whole route of the maze of vendors – we nearly made it!

By the next day, I had purchased a few more biggish things – I really PACKED that little car!



All in all, it was quite a marvelous day – all the more special because I shared it with my daughter.

tablescape - CLFI’ll share more soon of day two – where I met several of our fellow Bloggers and Country Living Editor Sarah Gray Miller, who sadly is leaving the magazine!

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