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The days were perfect – temperatures just right with clear blue skies. My sisters, daughters and future daughter-in-law as well as my niece joined me again for a two-day visit to the amazing Country Living Fair.

Five Years Visiting the Country Living Fair

clfd1The first year

I visited with a neighbor and friend. I was taken by all the wonderful vendors, the shows and the general splendor of the fair. 


That year I came away with wonderful treasures; a tin ceiling piece (I gave to my daughter later) and a chicken feeder…that I made into a chandelier!



The Next Year…

year-2I went with a friend and found wrought iron brackets, large keys, a wooden birdcage and fun decor…I still love seeing around my home.

The Third Year…

you-are-here-clf-day-1Was a wonderful year! I met several fellow bloggers and Sarah Gray Miller, the former Editor of Country Living! This year, I took my eldest daughter with me. This was the year of big finds!

demijohn-kitchen-desk-chalkboard-give-thanks-quoteI found this amazing Demi John, a large Bread Dough bowl, a vintage dress form…so much to love!

The Fourth Year…

country-living-fair-dannys-song-lyric-a-delightsome-life-837x1024My sister and both my daughters joined me! We had a blast…when we’re together we laugh a lot! Anne Murray’s Danny’s Song became our ‘theme song’ for the trip!

My finds….

country-living-fair-finds-1-900x846Were smaller in scale to the year before…but are great treasures I adore!

The Fifth Year….

2015-country-livingBoth my sisters, my niece and my daughters joined me! We were excited to see Ree Drummond of The Pioneer Woman! We had an awesome time! My daughter’s future husband joined for one of the days…we had so much fun! And this year, we visited the top of Stone Mountain…beautiful!

just-add-pinecones-rustic-christmas-decor-5-683x1024My finds included these zinc cups, baskets, pillows and pillow covers…some of these were used as part of the decor for our daughter’s wedding!

This year….

country-living-fair-2016-2We changed it up this year. Usually, we go Friday and Saturday. This year, every one worked, so we did Saturday and Sunday. I was glad we missed Friday – a change in the weather came through along with a lot of wind. I know that affected the vendors. 


country-living-fair-2016-3Was packed! We parked the farthest we’ve ever parked! The aisles were crowded as well as the booths. Every one, as far as I could tell, had great attitudes – we’re all there for the same reason – to enjoy ourselves and find great things!

What was the same…what was different?

country-living-fair-2016-4Each year, there are for the most part the same vendors return. A few I wish would…but, each brings those items we’re looking for! It’s interesting to see what’s new and what’s popular. This year – there were a lot of tobacco baskets – large, medium and small. There were olive buckets of all sizes and this time painted bread dough bowls. Those like I have were hard to find…we were on a mission to find two and we only found one!

LOTS of Charm!


Each vendor brings a certain amount of charm to their booths – I love how they display their wares and invite one in to look for more.


country-living-fair-2016-6This year, we stayed Saturday and Sunday. I had heard that the vendors offer discounts on Suday, which makes sense. Some did, not all. The best part of being there on a Sunday – fewer people, calmer and more relaxing. We were able to actually see more as we were strolling through. We were also able to stroll away from each other and still keep touch – not lose one another.

country-living-fair-2016-7These vendors do put a lot into their displays – I love the creativity and the wonderful things they offer – 

What is Country Living Fair about?

country-living-fair-2016-8‘The pages of Country Living Magazine come to life’. It’s true – all the amazing things we see within the magazine – the wonderful home decor ideas, recipes, craftiness and general country feel – that’s what you find at a Country Living Fair. 

country-living-fair-2016-9This year, I enjoyed my sister and daughters more in finding what they came to look for and even those things they didn’t even consider what they were looking for. 

We’re already looking forward to next year…I’m the planner…getting the girls together, the tickets, the accommodations, even a picnic lunch for the first day. It’s become more than a chance to see what we can find – it’s an experience and it’s a wonderful time to have a girl’s get-together.  Country Living Fair is most definitely worth time spent and the more time you have…the better!

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