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A Girlfriend Trip

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There are times and events that we so look forward to…we plan, we imagine and we anticipate the joy we expect to experience.


Sisters and Daughters

I enjoyed the first year at The Country Living Fair with a dear friend. I so loved the venders, The Country Living Fair displays and the sessions….I knew I’d return.

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The next year, I took my eldest daughter. I sure did put her to work! That year we found so many wonderful things. Also I met with several fellow Bloggers – it was amazing!

Last year, My sister and daughters joined me. We had so much fun – we had a theme song for our time together and we laughed a lot.

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This year, both my sisters joined us as well as my daughters, my neice and my daughter’s future mother-in-law. In fact, my future son-in-law joined in – he was a trooper! 

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Getting Better…getting busier

this vendor, Cutlery Couture stayed at the same hotel we did. We loved what she had to offer!

this vendor, Cutlery Couture stayed at the same hotel we did. We loved what she had to offer!

I love these little zinc cups...I purchased some that will probably be used in my daughter's wedding!

I love these little zinc cups…I purchased some that will probably be used in my daughter’s wedding!

I met with a fan of Delightsome Life Saturday morning, she wanted to know how I felt about the crowds, the traffic and such. I agreed, the fair has grown tremendously – this year Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman was there and ladies lined up for hours to have her sign her latest book. 



The fun and joy of visiting The Country Living Fair remains, despite the crowds. The vendors return year after year…they bring what they anticipate we’re looking for – there’s a jovial atmosphere – I still love it all! They also have allowed pets…my sister saw some just like her little pup – such fun!

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This time we visited the Stone Mountain…it was amazing to stand atop this mountain to see the views…and to see the carving. 

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Will I go next year, oh, yes! Hopefully, with all who came with me again. Lots of laughter, lots of wonderful things brought home…I’ll share more and more with you  soon!

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