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The Jewell HouseSome people are fortunate to actually realize their dreams…

The Jewell House-27Nestled in the quiet bucolic countryside in Hancock County, the community of Jewell boasts a lovely history and a number of lovely homes. One such home, The Jewell House purchased over a year ago by Suzanne and Wayne. 

The Jewell House-24

The Jewell House-25Suzanne and Wayne envisioned creating a beautiful venue for weddings and events at their new home with some 40 acres of land, historic buildings and property along the riverfront.

The Jewell House-22Serene Settings

The Jewell House-19An exquisite Pavillion with a Special Pergola…just one of the beautiful spots for weddings and getaways. 

The Jewell House-1I had the opportunity recently to host a retreat at The Jewell House. Suzanne and Wayne beautifully set up the lower rooms, with a grand round table in one, table for lunch in another and break-away rooms – also used as Bride’s Room and office. We all were so enchanted.

The Bride’s Room

The Jewell House-12Transformed for our meeting, this beautifully and gracefully decorated room is so inviting – one of my favorites.

The Jewell House-7

The Jewell House-8The Office

The Jewell House-13Suzanne’s office is beautifully set for business and casual conversation. The fireplaces in The Jewell House are wonderful features.

Inviting Entrance

The Jewell House-16The beautifully warm, inviting entrance is wide boasting of beautiful woodworking and a gorgeous stairway.

The Jewell House-17

If you are looking for a wonderful venue for a wedding in the beautiful, quiet countryside, or a site for a retreat, I encourage you to consider, The Jewell House.

The Jewell House-12

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