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French Provincial dresser makeoverFusion Mineral Paint

Transforming with Fusion Paint

Fusion Paint Romantic Garden Decor

This is the room I call my retreat. It is filled with the soft colors and decor that evoke the feeling of a Romantic Garden Cottage look. This is where I enjoy reading a good book, or a good cup of tea. This is a room I also create in and this is a room that is also one of our guest bedrooms. Each piece of furniture, window covering and decor reflected the soft, romantic look. With the exception of this dresser. 

Transforming with Paint

Fusion Paint Project-complementary colors 

This dresser was a dull brown; showing some wear here and there. It needed a little love. I was given the opportunity to review  the Fusion™ Foundation to Finish All in One Mineral Based Furniture Paint and I knew that this dresser was the perfect candidate for the task. I loved the beautiful selection of colors and chose their Inglenook – the soft blue-green color and Casement – a creamy white. With the addition of their Gold Gilding Paste, I envisioned a French Provincial Dresser with hand painted vines – to compliment the vines alongside the windows. 

A Different Choice

Fusion Paint use opposite colors Inglenook and Casement

When painting furniture, one would most often choose to paint the majority of the piece with the white color. For this transformation, I chose to do the opposite. I painted the body of the piece in the Inglenook – a soft, blue-green shade and painted the drawers the creamy Casement

A Good Brush makes The Difference

 Fusion Paint Project Good Brush

Any artist knows a good quality paint brush when they work with one. I was quite intrigued by the difference in feel, shape and application of  the brushes provided by Fusion™. The ‘brushes of the Old Masters’ are rounded, thickly bristled with a balance handle. This brush with the high quality of the paint that naturally self levels, made the application of the paint a delight. 

Adding Romance and Whimsy

Fusion Paint casement vine on Inglenook background

Once the two layers of paint had sufficient time to dry, I used Fusion™ in Casement  to free-hand  curvy vines along the top. Using a light hand and an image as a guide, I allowed the brush to gently and thinly apply the paint and added an additional layer for depth and a lovely tonal look to the artwork. A light hand allows the underlying color to show through and adding a secondary layer in a heavier application gives the vine dimension.

The Drawers

Fusion Painted drawers 1200

I placed the drawers on the floor in the same position they would occupy on the dresser. Beginning at the top drawer for each end, I began to lightly apply vines in Inglenook twirling their way from the top edge toward the center  reversing the look on the opposite side dresser drawers. I was attempting to achieve a visual balance, but not quite exact same look. For the three center drawers I cascaded more vines drawing the eye to the center. I added vines to the edges of the outer drawers so that when placed together it would look like one whole, complete intertwining vine. Again, with these vines, I started with a light – almost dry brush application then added more paint for depth and dimension.

Gold Accent

Fusion Paint Project-gold gilding

I do love the look of old French Provincial dresser. The addition and application of Fusion™ Gilding Paste in gold provided an authentic French twist to this romantic painted dresser.

The Final Finish

Fusion Paint Beeswax Finish

To give the dresser a beautiful, finished, smooth appearance I applied the Fusion™ Beeswax Finish. The Beeswax Finish is made of a blend of natural beeswax and food grade hemp oil, making it all natural, beautiful and environmentally friendly.

Caring For Your Brushes

Fusion Paint Project-24 copy

Using a high quality brush, one would want to care for it in the best way possible. Fusion™ paint provides a marvelous Brush Soap made from “naturally refined linseed oil, a derivative of flax seed, Fusion™ Linseed Soap”. This cleanser marvelously cleans and conditions your brushes. This soap is also safe for cleaning your hands as well as your work surfaces!



Fusion Paint Project after


Tips When Painting Furniture:

  • Clean the furniture piece and remove all drawer hardware – keep the screws in the knobs safely set aside.

  • Apply the paint in long, smooth strokes – allow the paint to dry as specified on the product – especially between coats

  • Clean the brushes after each use to keep them in good condition

  • When hand-painting use a light hand. Do not worry if you make a mistake. It is paint! You can easily touch it up. Free-hand painting allows for imperfections – as free-flowing as nature.

  • Use your imagination and paint what you love.

  • Seal the paint on the furniture with a good wax – such as Fusion™  Beeswax Finish- you can reapply this product. Allow the appropriate time for this finish to cure.

The Fusion products used for this project - Fusion Paint - Inglenook, Casement; Fusion Beeswax Finish; Brush and Brush Soap

The  products used for this project – Fusion Paint – Inglenook, Casement; Fusion Beeswax Finish; Brush and Brush Soap

Painting Furniture is quite fun and can transform the look to a room’s decor. Fusion™ makes painting and decorating furniture quite easy.

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