7 Reasons Why You’ll Really Enjoy The DIY Home Planner


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Home decor planning is something we might jump into - actually having a working plan can help and save us so much...

7 Reasons Why You’ll Really Enjoy the DIY Home Planner.

Decorating a home can be daunting…for everyone from time to time. There will be times we all make decisions we regret later. What if I told you that there’s a way, a fun, enjoyable way, to not only decorate, but to plan a room’s decor confidently with your personal style shining through?

Then read on…I have  7 Reasons Why You’ll Really Enjoy the DIY Home Planner, Practical Tips & Inspiring Ideas to Decorate it Yourself. 

Let’s talk about the author a bit…because knowing more about her is the basis of the first reason you’ll really enjoy The DIY Home Planner, Practical Tips & Inspiring Ideas to Decorate it Yourself. 

Karianne Wood

Karianne Wood author of The DIY Home Planner

When you go to Thistlewood Farms blog and read about Karianne, the first thing she says is,  “I am so happy to meet you!” Within seconds of reading further, and if you truly have the opportunity to meet her, you know she really means it. Karianne is a petite bundle of joy, happiness, enthusiasm, and fun. She can spin a yarn telling you of events that happened to her in her early life, of events that happened to members of her family and of the adventures she’s had in planning and decorating her home. You’ll find yourself enthralled and smiling. She’s real, she’s energetic and she has a point – she’s been there, done that and has come away with a ton of knowledge to share – in her unique way.

Naturally, she would parlay this enthusiasm, joy and knowledge into books that are not only beautiful, but also enjoyable, helpful and inspiring.

The DIY Home Planner, Practical Tips & Inspiring Ideas to Decorate it Yourself is Karianne’s second book, the first – So Close to Amazing tells you more about her and her story and will uplift, encourage and inspire you. You can read more of what I shared in What Happens When You’re So Close to Amazing.Karianne created a wonderful, conversational DIY Home Planner

Conversational Advice

No one else but Karianne could begin a first chapter, Space Planning, by sharing, ‘Planning your space is a lot lie wearing Spanx to your high school reunion – it’s absolutely necessary.’ Karianne combines girlfriend style sitting across the table over a cup of coffee or diet coke conversational advice – that you know she knows to be truth.

In this book, Karianne shares her experiences and what she’s learned about DIY home planning then encourages you, taking you by the virtual hand to lead you to learn from her ‘school of decorating hard knocks’ so that you can systematically and more importantly, confidently navigate your own, personal DIY home planning.

The DIY Home Planner is such a wonderful tool for planning out room space, color and more

This is an Easy to Read and Understand Planner

I have books on decorating that are inspirational and pretty. I have books that are like textbooks with lots of words and few illustrations or pictures. But like a friend once told me, if you don’t have me in the first paragraph, I’m not going any further. A lot of time we just need the information simple, readable and doable so that we can get it and move forward. This DIY Planner is organized in such a way that you can read the information you need and go with it right away! It’s readable, visual and practical.

The DIY Home Planner is very totable

This is a Very Totable Planner

This planner can fit in most of your purses or handbags. It’s totally portable and that’s super important when you want to implement your plans. How many times have you gone shopping for paint or fabric or decorative items to return with them and find the shade, pattern or style doesn’t quite coordinate with your room’s decor. Our vision and mind’s eye can’t keep up with the nuances of shades.

Recently, I was shopping for fabric to reupholster two chairs for my daughter (coming soon!) I strolled the fabric aisles loving this and liking that. I found one fabric I truly loved…would have bought, but didn’t because I was prepared. I had an example of the decor my daughter already had with me. Had I not, I would have finished the chairs, they would have looked good – but not in the room she intended these chairs to go!

The DIY Home Planner can be personalized for you to work with

This is a Working Planner

Not only is this a totable planner, but it is also a working planner. You can put into the generous pockets in the front and back cover anything, notes, swatches, paint chips etc of your plans! In certain chapters you have grid paper where you can lay out visually your plan! In the chapter about paint you have a section where you can attach all of the paint chips of the colors in every room of your home – that’s a game changer there! Also, you have pages where you can attach fabric swatches for every room in your home. There’s an elastic band attached too to keep your samples, notes and such secure. You fill out your personal information and it’s ready to go! Confidence in hand!

This is a Thorough Planner

Karianne takes you from the big picture to the details that you need to consider in planning the decor of each of the rooms in your home. She explains terminology and gives you tips throughout. This helps you in understanding and making informed decisions.


This is an Enjoyable Planner

With all of the well thought out and well arranged information and tips; with all of the helpful pages for you to personalize your decorating journey…you have a little bit of Karianne to go with you. She’s approachable, she’s infused herself beautifully in each chapter. This girl is a storyteller and a friend.

What if I told you that there's a fun, enjoyable way, to not only decorate, but to plan a room's decor confidently with your personal style shining through?Click To Tweet

I have met Karianne several times and am delighted to call her friend. I am more delighted to be able to share this review with you, friend. I know that if you’ve read all the way up to this point that you probably have made some decorating decisions that you regret – some may even be funny when you look back on it. I know I have.

I’ve shared some very good reasons why you’ll really, really enjoy Karianne’s The DIY Home Planner, Practical Tips & Inspiring Ideas to Decorate it Yourself.  Because it is practical, it is inspiring – full of tips and ideas…You’ll find it totally useful! Most importantly, you’ll find a friend who’s been there and done that and shares her experiences and knowledge so that you too can create the home you’ll love. A home that is completely you from top to bottom. A home that you can confidently plan and create that will reflect what Karianne says and truly believes, ‘In this entire world there is no one else quite like you’. Shine forth!

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