What is the Appeal of Farmhouse Style

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I share my thoughts on why I think Farmhouse style is so popular on A Delightsome Life

What is the Appeal of Farmhouse Style

There are so very many decor styles one can choose from. So many that it can at times be overwhelming and confusing. In fact there are so many variations of Cottage Style that one can wonder, what is my Cottage Style.

I love Farmhouse Style

If you’ve read my blog for any amount of time…you may come to realize that I love all Cottage Styles. There’s just something wonderful and comforting about all of these different styles.

farmhouse style is appealing

Right now, Farmhouse Style is hugely popular. It’s HUGE! I host a group on Facebook, My Style is Cottage. I was overwhelmed by the number of folks who wanted to join and now more so about the kindness and generosity in this group. They’re complimentary and they do love to share.

What is Farmhouse style?

There’s a common thread – they want to know their style and they are asking for suggestions. I love that we can come together – literally from all over the world to share.

Farmhouse cottage style - is it your favorite style?

I did a fun visual quiz using photos from my Cottage Style Primer post to see what styles these folks liked best. The winner above all was Shabby Chic, but very, very close behind and I believe growing is Farmhouse or Country style.

What is Farmhouse style and what is the appeal?

So, then, what is the appeal to Farmhouse Style? If you like and are drawn to Farmhouse style and have an answer for YOU, I’d love to know it!

Here’s what I think.

The appeal to Farmhouse style is that it is comforting

It’s Comforting

There’s no denying the appeal and the comforts of home. Have you ever been away for a period of time and looked so forward to getting home. There’s no place like home. Some, have had parents or grandparents who actually lived on a farm and would visit. There’s such a comforting atmosphere in Farmhouse style. I think deep down, whether you’ve ever lived in or visited a farm – there’s a deep sense of comfort.

An appeal to Farmhouse style is that it is welcoming

It’s Welcoming

Dad had a farm for a while. He actually grew up on his grandparent’s farm in Virginia. When he retired it was his dream to own a farm. He was in the military and I’m sure he thought often of going home when he was away. When he retired, he wanted us (all 5 of us) to understand a different way of life. We grew up in Southern California and he moved our family all the way across the country to South Carolina. There’s no doubt that in the South – there’s a sense of ‘ya’ll come in’! Whether you’re family, friend or stranger – you’re welcomed in. I think perhaps those who grow up or live in the country have that same neighborly attitude. Farmhouse living and style – is so very welcoming.

the appeal to Farmhouse style is that it is personal

It’s Personal

Farmhouse style has charm and character. This comes in the collection of items one would think could be found in a farmhouse – most particularly in a Farmhouse kitchen. I’m thinking butter churns, butter molds, Ironstone pitchers, large mixing bowls, bread dough bowls (my Aunt actually has her grandmother’s original bread dough bowl – the grandmother she and my dad grew up with).

Jadeite collection reminds me of Grandmother's home - Farmhouse Style

I have collected Jadeite because my grandmother had these in her kitchen and used them every day. Coffee actually flowed from sun up to sun down. I say that I have coffee flowing through my veins. There are handmade quilts we have that belonged. That’s the thing. These things belonged, were used and were treasured by the owners. I love going to Estate sales and finding such loved treasures. I think in my heart that these things were once loved and I’m going to carry on that tradition.

painted furniture that shows wear over the years is a signature of Farmhouse style

It’s Forgiving

Farmhouse style embraces the perfectly imperfect items. Patina is natural and is appreciated. Even in old floors that show wear and tear over the years…these are the things that demonstrate a home with activity and history and stories to tell. Chipped paint, painted furniture – layers of paint on furniture – is desired – in today’s ‘Modern Farmhouse Style’.

What is the appeal of Farmhouse Style?

What we know of today as Farmhouse Style, Modern Farmhouse Style and I’ve even seen ‘Savvy Farmhouse Style’ is an appeal to all those things, all those comforts of home. There’s a sense of wanting to come to a welcoming environment, warm with style and with fragrance of homemade bread and soup…What is the appeal to Farmhouse style…I think it is all those things and more that make us feel at home. 

So, then, what is the appeal to Farmhouse Style? If you like and are drawn to Farmhouse style and have an answer for YOU, I'd love to know it! Click To Tweet

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What is the appeal of Farmhouse style? I share my thoughts and would love to know what you think?

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