How to Enjoy and Preserve Your Beautiful Hydrangea

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How to enjoy and preserve your beautiful Hydrangeas

I think Hydrangeas are such romantic flowers they’re an important part of my cottage garden. Their exquisite beauty on the bush takes my breath away. I am amazed at the varieties in shape, size and colors that we can find in Hydrangeas. I’m going to share some tips I’ve learned on how to enjoy and preserve your beautiful Hydrangea.

How to enjoy and preserve your beautiful Hydrangea


What’s in a name? Well with this amazing flower, quite a lot. The Hydrangea was given its name in the 1700’s by a botanist named Grovonius. He felt the flower reminded him of a Greek water urn. therefore he named the flower “hydro-water” +”angeoin – barrel or pitcher”.

How to enjoy and preserve your beautiful Hydrangeas

Interestingly, this also greatly describes the flower as Hydrangeas love water, both on the bush and in arrangements. These amazing flowers come in such a lovely variety of colors – white, pink, purple and blue.

How to enjoy and preserve your Hydrangeas in arrangements

In Flower Arrangements

As with most flowers, the best time to cut your Hydrangea is early in the morning. Methods for preparing your flower for arrangements include: recutting the stem in water, cutting end at 45 degree angle and submerging the cut end in boiling water for 30 seconds.

How to enjoy and preserve your beautiful Hydrangeas

The main reason for all of these methods – which work – is to ensure water is able to travel up the stems. If the stems are woody, you may need to recut more often.

How to enjoy and preserve your beautiful Hydrangea

The stems can get ‘clogged’ by sap, air or decomposing matter in the water. That’s why the blooms may droop. You can recut and submerge the whole flower in water to revive the bloom.

How to enjoy and to preserve your beautiful Hydrangea

They’re marvelous alone, but work beautifully with Lilies, Roses, and Dahlias in arrangements.

How to enjoy and to preserve your Hydrangea

Preserving or Drying Your Hydrangea

Hydrangeas are among a long list of flowers that dry beautifully. With Hydrangeas its mostly about timing and method. The best method that gives you beautiful color is to allow the bloom to begin to dry on the bush.

How to enjoy and to preserve Hydrangea

Newly blossomed flowers don’t easily dry. Or you can use the silica sand method which drys the flower beautifully and retains color. The only thing is you’ll need to cut the stem a bit shorter. You can also hang Hydrangeas upside down in a cool darkened room for a few days to a couple weeks to dry. Or you can use the water method, which I’m doing right now. 

How to enjoy and to preserve your Hydrangea

Cut Your Hydrangeas as you would normally for an arrangement (the longer the stem the better for handling). Remove all leaves. Cut the end at a 45 degree angle or split the bottom to ensure water flows up the stem. Only add 1 to 2 inches of water and allow the flower to absorb the water. Do not add any more and give the flowers time to dry. 

How to enjoy and to preserve your lovely Hydrangea

Uses for Dried Hydrangeas

I would think that the uses for these beautiful flowers are only limited by your imagination. You can:

  • Make a wreath – the colors are perfect for Autumn – indoors and outdoors
  • Keep as an arrangement
  • Artwork in a Shadow box
  • Make a Garland of Hydrangea Blossoms to drape over a frame or hutch
  • Just lying around on a shelf, in an urn, in a pitcher or in a cabinet to add interest and color

How to enjoy and to preserve your Hydrangea

Use your imagination!

I hope to add many more Hydrangeas to my garden. There are so many varieties! I imagine myself strolling along the law edged by a hedge of Hydrangeas of all sorts…me walking barefoot wearing a long skirt…I just love skirts! You see, to me Hydrangeas truly are romantic flowers and I love how easy they are to enjoy and to preserve. Free printable of Easy Flowers to Dry!

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