featuring farmhouse cottage style town and country living by jennifer zuri

Featuring Town & Country Living by Jennifer Zuri

town and country living roomHave you ever viewed photos of a home and instantly felt you wanted to uproot all your decor and to change over to a whole new cottage decor? I certainly did when I saw Jennifer’s post on Hometalk…I was scrolling along, minding my own business when these amazing photos seemed to literally pop out at me! The first thing I did was to create a Pin Board featuring Jennifer’s photos.

Town and Country Living Farmhouse Kitchen StyleOh, boy! I’m in trouble…you see my home is a combination of several cottage styles. Truly! I would classify the living room and dining room as English Country Cottage, the kitchen and bedroom as French Country Cottage, the ‘retreat’ as Romantic, Garden  Cottage. Even our hall bathroom has a touch of Beach Cottage. I thought I had all the ‘cottage’ styles covered to my heart’s content. Until I saw Jennfer’s home on her blog, Town & Country Living.

What is Farmhouse Cottage Style:

Jennifer wrote, ‘Farmhouse style is all the decorating rage right now, due in part to its simplicity and affordability. Everyday objects become works of art and white is used liberally to tie a variety of well-worn but well-loved pieces together.’ 

Well Worn and Well Loved…

oklahomaPerhaps it was because Dearest and I were recently watching the movie, “Oklahoma” (again)…because as I saw the pictures from Jennifer’s home and read her words my imagination pictured the kitchen and the living room of the old farmhouse in “Oklahoma”. I also had memories of sitting on a screened in porch sitting on an old rocker shelling peas. Or sitting at my grandmother’s kitchen table watching her make biscuits – with a real and true wooden bread bowl.

simplicity and affordability…

These are the things that we collect, the things that bring to us a sense of comfort and of home – things that say, ‘Come on in! You’re welcome’.

What type of things did Jennifer fill the rooms of her home to enhance her ‘Farmhouse style’.

Room by Room – a sort of Country Living Magazine ‘steal this’ idea style

farmhouse living room details

light colored walls, wooden floors, painted furniture, collectibles

town and country dining table

throughout her home Jennifer includes greenery in the form of topiaries and flower arrangements

town and country white dishes

open shelves, open cabinetry, baskets, ironstone pitchers, beadboard on walls

Whether your home is Contemporary or Cottage Style, you can include these Farmhouse Style elements here and there to bring the warming sense of a welcome with well worn, simple items that say ‘home‘.

town and country living back door

Jennifer makes terrific use of these bamboo script mats throughout her house

I think this is one of my favorite photos – love the sunlight streaming through the windowed door, the cabinet – once a hanging cabinet – topped with ironstone, fresh flowers, and I love the use of baskets throughout. I believe it will be in my kitchen that I will begin to incorporate some of  these Farmhouse style decor elements….then we’ll see.

Would you like to see more? I encourage you to get yourself a cup of coffee or tea and scroll on over to Jennifer’s blog – it is quite lovely – just as lovely as her home.

Great places to start

The Cottage Home

Cottage Style Breakfast Nook

Country Style Family Room

Painted Clawfoot Tub

I want to thank Jennifer for giving me this opportunity to share her lovely Farmhouse Style home at A Delightsome Life. All photos are courtesy of Town & Country Living with the exception of the “Oklahoma” photo.

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