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Spring Flower Planter. spring flowers in a rustic tobacco planterFresh Spring Flowers in a Rustic Planter.

Oh, the beautiful colors of a Spring Flower Planter! The yellows of the Daffodils have mostly passed…now, we have beautiful light blues, pink and lavender colors…spring flowers are here and bring beauty indoors.

Spring blue and green flowers in a Rustic Planter

Garden Flowers

We didn’t know what we would find when we moved to our old house. We knew, however, it would be best to wait a year to find out…we were definitely rewarded. I believe one of the previous owners, perhaps the original, loved a flower garden!  We have several old varieties of Daffodils – many varieties, Wisteria grows wild in the nearby lot. In fact, several trees and flowers grow wild, where I think farmhouse homes once stood.


Hellebore flowers in rustic floral arrangement

The Hellebores

If there were a Spring flower I would highly recommend someone trying – it is the Lenten Rose…or the Hellebore.

Hellebore and Wisteria in a Rustic Floral Arrangement

The incredible detail and beauty in the Hellebore blossom is simply gorgeous. These seemingly shy flowers bow from their branches. The back side of the flower’s petals are just as lovely and detailed as the inside. These perennials are very easy to grow and are extremely hardy.

wood hyacinth and hellebore in rustic flower arrangement

Wood Hyacinth – or Spanish Bluebells

These sweet little bell flowers grow and multiply happily in my garden. I love seeing their floral spires in the country garden.


Wisteria blossoms in a rustic floral Spring arrangement


I so love these grape-like blossoms that I just whisper their name, Wisteria. These blooms are not only beautiful, but also wonderfully fragrant. They perfume the night air. These blossoms grow wild in the empty lots and alongside the roadways – creating etherial lavender beauty.


flowering branches in rustic floral arrangement

Flowering Branches

The Bradford Pears and so have the Quince. Now, there’s diminutive pink blossoms in the trees – the Cherry trees are beginning to bloom. Some of the Dogwoods are beginning to bloom too. These make beautiful airy arrangements.

Rustic Spring Floral Arrangement

I am so delighted to fill my home with flowers. Spring flowers are such a sweet treat – to add beauty and color to the rooms in my home. This rustic planter is a Tobacco wood galvanized planter I got through  Decor Steals (affiliate link). If you don’t get their daily emails you should! They offer amazing deals on beautiful decor.

tobacco planter from decor steals with spring flowers

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