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Sweet Treats for a Guest
guest pillows
I shared with you earlier that I had made a couple of pillows from two little girls dresses. My daughter recognized the checked patter in the pocket pillow. I had intended to make another heart pillow out of the bodice, but seeing the scalloped top I got another idea. I saw that this could be made into a sweet little bag. I then thought I could take the same measurements from the other pocket on the skirt of the dress to make another tote/purse.
Then I realized these would make sweet bags to hold goodies for a guest. I took the ribboned band at the waste, included a couple of inches of the skirt to create a bottom ruffle to the pocket bag. I stitched together the bottom and the sides and added one of the tie-backs as a strap. I placed a towel, washcloth, gel soap, body butter, toothpaste and a toothbrush in the purse. In the pocket I put a bar of chocolate and some tea bags.
In the smaller, bodice bag I placed a couple of books, 
stationery and a pen.
All set and all ready for a potential guest.
The heart pillow is filled with lavender and the pocket pillo can hold the guest’s cell phone safely nearby for calls or for an alarm.
From one little girl’s dress I made three things that could make a guest feel comfortable and welcomed.
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