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Two wonderful things came together for me.
Earlier I shared with you some good news about Goodwill. Several of you shared that you’ve experienced higher prices.
Also, I mentioned in my Home and Garden Thursday post
my desire to transform our Green Room into an ‘as Shabby
Chic as I can’ room.
So, yesterday I ventured out to our local Goodwill.
I was able to find several wonderful things.
I began my search in the linens and found this Duvet
with the down comforter still inside! I just love the rose pattern. 
 I also found a
Battenburg lace flat twin sheet and pillowcase as well as
A Battenburg lace pillow sham.
Upon closer inspection when I brought it home to wash, I discovered that this duvet is homemade from two sheets.
This charmed me.
Also, I received a bag of clothing and fabric that my husband and daughter will use to make quilts.
In the bag were two little girl dresses. I loved the colors
and immediately knew what I wanted to do with them.
I made this heart pillow, (which I filled with lavender and stuffing)
 with one of the dresses and the pocket
pillow with the other.
Transforming our Green Room into a Shabby Chic room is
Well underway!
Postscript: I have made a few more changes, not ready to share but, I showed these pillows to my daughter and she exclaimed, ‘that was my favorite dress”! She’s now in college and this was a little girls size 10. The dress had been passed along to a family member who put it back in a bag for quilt making…serendipity.

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