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A couple weeks back an idea began to formulate in my mind – after I’d spent the whole day weeding and deadheading. I need to downsize. This will be our home – for a very long time – I need to prepare this garden for the future years and what works best for our family. As well as my schedule!

It was a diffidcult decision.


I just LOVE flowers! But, I also enjoy spending time with family and just enjoying the garden. I will reduce the size of this one garden bed.  This bed alone is 50 feet long and from four to ten feet deep.

For Family Gatherings


One good reason to downsize is that the front garden, to give us more lawn, is when our family gathers we normally congregate under the big oak tree in the back. The backyard is sloped making it difficult for tables and seating. At the front garden it is flat and the big cypress tree provides ample shade along with the shade from our neighbor’s Pecan trees.

A Win – Win


Dearest is happy,  he just loves lawns! I’ll group my perennials better, keeping those I truly love. 

Create a Flowering Hedge


What I’ll leave in this spot is a hedge of blooming bushes such as hydrangea, azalea and some Crape Myrtle. I have always wanted more Hydrangeas and this will provide a wonderful opportunity.

What Remains


When we first moved here I made a diagram of the gardens surrounding our home – there’s quite a lot of ‘garden rooms’. Even though I’ll downsize this one  bed, there still remains quite a few – mostly surrounding the house. Dearest is also making plans to reorganize his garden bed – it runs the length of the western side of our yard. He has a lot of Crape Myrtle, Roses, Iris and Lilies – some of my flowers can easily move there 

What’s blooming now:

The Crape Myrtles


The Lilies




Perennial Hibiscus


This definitely was a tough decision, but I know in the long run, it will be a good decision.

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