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Adding Rustic Sparkle

glittered pinecone ribbon and evergreen

I saw recently Miss Mustard Seed’s glittered pinecone! She found these amazing, large ones at Hobby Lobby. Absolutely gorgeous.

I have a few that I bleached that I could play with for our Christmas decor, as well as some that weren’t bleached.

I decided to add glitter to the Pinecones

sparkling glitter pinecone chandelier

and to hang them fromour dining room chandelier – this will be perfect decor for our Christmas party.

It was so very easy. I attached floral wire to the tops of each Pinecone – after the glue and glitter were dried I added a twisted ribbon and a couple evergreen fronds.

Hold the pinecone flat in your hand

  • using Elmer’s glue apply a substantial dollup to the tips of the Pinecone having the glue filled brush to be parallel to the horizontal pinecone. Apply the glue all round and on top of the pinecone. 
  • Sprinkle over your choice of glitter – I used both regular and mica glitter – I like the way the light catches on the mica.

  • I placed the glittered pinecones on a sheet of wax paper until they were dry.

  • I applied a 5-inch piece of sheer silver ribbon – twisting it in the style similar to those charitable ribbons…I then added two fronds from an evergreen tree and then twisted the floral wire over the ribbon to secure it to the pinecone.

  • attach to the arms of the chandelier using the remainder of the floral wire (all in all about an 8 to 10 inch piece – trim)

glittered pinecone with evergreen


This Christmas craft is fun and easy. I liked that the glue dolluped resembling clumps of snow!

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