It began with an idea

French Farmhouse Kitchen closeup burlap Christmas wreath

Inspiration for wreaths of all kinds abound every where. There’s so many beautifully styled natural and creative wreaths to choose from.

burlap defined

I wanted a burlap wreath.

I’ve seen so many out there on Pinterest and Blogs with woven or ruffled burlap – the look enchants me.

So I decided to take a couple of my burlap coffee bags; create strips out of them to make my own version of a burlap wreath.

French Farmhouse Kitchen Burlap Wreath grapevine tree

I wanted texture and color.

So while shopping for the wreath form I found some lovely deep red ribbon and a charming crocheted ribbon.

Burlap Wreath Bow red and crochet ribbon

The process was easy and worked well as I progressed – quite pleased with the result!

The color of course was to be red….I just love red and it’s perfect for the Christmas holiday.

Burlap wreath red and white bow red jingle bells

Jingle Bells to the rescue!

I remembered that I had some gold jingle bells in my craft closet and thought they’d be marvelous, painted red and grouped together!

burlap wreath material list

The Materials need are few….the steps simple.

step by step burlap wreath tutorial

Step 1: cut burlap horizontally into 4 1/2 inch wide strips; fold each strip in thirds and then divide those that are folded. Cut off the sewn edges – you’ll end up with six strips approximately 9 1/2 inches long. Fold each strip in half lengthwise and insert through one wire in the for as seen above.

Step 2: taking the strip in both hands twist the strip – I twisted away from me with my left hand and toward me with my right hand.

Step 3:  fluff out the strip by bending the fold out – like a petal.

Step 4: repeat with each strip –

Step 5: continue – you will end up with approximately 10-11 twisted strip per divided section. You’ll need to make this snug.

Add whatever ribbon or decorative item you wish – use your imagination!

French Farmhouse Kitchen vignette burlap Christmas wreath grapevine tree


I am thinking that I really like having a wreath in this corner of the kitchen… especially a burlap wreath!

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