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My grandmother used to say, ‘What’s down in the well, comes up in the bucket.’ I’ve quoted that often. This morning, I’m contemplating truly what that means.

Well water is truly cool and sweet. It takes a lot of effort to find and to create a well. But when you do, you cover it. You protect it and you enjoy it.

This applies also to the well water of your heart, mind and soul. You need to guard well what you allow in. You need to be a gatekeeper to your heart and mind.

There’s so much information put out daily, hourly and by the minute. Most of this information is not quite correct. This information as well has been filtered by the hearts and minds of those sending it out. That’s important to know. There’s nothing neutral out there. Behind every bit of information is a school of thoought.

There’s also a lot of emotion in what is being presented. When people feel a certain way about things, it comes through. Whether they feel angry, scared, happy or disappointed – it comes through. When we get daily, hourly doses of this information it can affect how we feel.

We have to guard our hearts and minds.

I’m not opposed to being informed, but I do believe that there’s limits and we have to weigh in the balances what we’re hearing, where it’s coming from and what result they’re trying to achieve. Because, believe me, they do have an agenda.

As Christians, we have to constantly guard our hearts and minds. Especially in the realm of what we believe. There are nuances of beliefs being projected out there. This is simply because others have filtered the information they’re reading through their own heart, mind and soul. What they believe will come through in what they share.

So we steadfastly have to be the guardians of our own hearts and minds. We have to find out the truths for ourselves. We have to filter this information through our hearts and souls. This is why I truly believe that the best study comes from simply reading and understanding God’s word for oneself.

There are such things that are considered sound doctrines. These are truths about God, His word and Jesus Christ that we have to know and to hold to fast. They have to be unshakeable beliefs in our hearts and minds.

Then, as a result we need to make sure that what we know becomes and influences the conduct of our every day life.

Have you ever come to realize that when you listen to a lot of angry, discontent information how it makes you feel? This can creap in like a virus and infect the serenity of your hearts and minds. This is when we have to be diligent about guarding what information we allow in. Because in the end – we are the gatekeepers and what comes in is what we have allowed. Remember no one can make you feel or know something without your concent.

So, study well for yourself. Learn what should be the conduct of your life. Learn what should be the attitude of your heart. Learn what should be the focus of your life…in short – learn of Christ. He came not only to provide for us His salvation, but also to teach us how to live. He taught us to focus on what is the most important thing.

Then we can fulfill the call in Titus 2:7, “In all things shewing thyself a pattern of good works: in doctrine shewing uncorruptness, gravity and sincerity. Sound speech, that cannot be condemned; that he that is of the contrary part may be ashamed, having no evil thing to say of you.’

This takes daily, hourly effort. Imagine yourself – your mind as a soldier guarding a door. Take seriously the information you allow in. Take seriously the things you see and hear. Carefully and diligently guard your heart and mind. Then, you can show others what living a Christlike life is all about.

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