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When things are in harmony, there is great beauty.

In all of life, I believe God intends perfect harmony. There is a sense of an agreement between the beauty of the sky and earth, between the air and song. There’s an agreement between time and season. There is harmony in a relationship between man and woman and with all mankind.

Harmony was God’s original intention. The greatest harmony is in the relationship we have with Him.

They word harmony comes from the word sumphoneo. It is where we get the word symphony. Can you imagine the beautiful notes coming from music played by a symphony. It reaches into the mind, heart and soul of a person. All the instruments and notes are played in concord with one another. There is agreement.

To live a Christian life we must first be in harmony with the one who created and loves us. Our hearts and minds must be in tune with Him.

Once we are, then we can be in tune with one another. There are clear instructions for the church members, for husbands and wives, for children and for employers/employees in how to conduct oneself. There’s a sense of order. There is harmony.

In the clear instruction there are words that shouldn’t be looked over.


As one is instructed to do and to act in a certain way more often than not in the next verse of instruction the word ‘likewise’ is included. That is what was taught to one should also be practiced by another.

As we move each day to be an to become the person we were designed to be – we should remember to expect as much or more of ourselves than we do of others. It is so easy to look at another and to say, ‘you are instructed to be…or to do…’. We can easily forget or overlook that we have similar instruction.

We are to be and to act in harmony.

In the end we’re all part of one family and of one body. All are important and equal. With God all are the same. So as we each strive to learn and to live according to how He wishes us to we should remember that each one of us is important and a beautiful note in the symphony of God’s design.


We should strive to become more and more each day in tune with what God has designed for us to be. Growth is lifelong. It is sometimes difficult and sometimes easy. We are being ‘tuned’ to become the person God designed us to be. We all are important to Him. Each one of us is an instrument of beauty…and I can’t wait until the final and complete symphony has been written with all our hearts and lives in His presence.

Can you just imagine the beauty of that harmony. I can.

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