Guest Bedroom Winter Decor

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Guest Bedroom Winter Decor

Room by room I am changing over the decor from the bright and cheerful colors of Christmas to a more serene, calming decor. Winter Decor in our Guest bedroom is warm and cozy in shades of deep blue, cream and ecru. 

Cast Iron Bed

This is the smallest bedroom in our home. It is cozy and features this lovely vintage cast iron bed. Years ago, Dearest and I found it at a local estate sale. We were blessed because we arrived in time to see it when the owner had marked it down by half price! I love the romantic, sweet lines of this bed. It’s size is perfect for guests. It sits however, with modern mattresses, a bit high. I purchased two of these sweet stools for guests – who may be like myself, a bit challenged by height! This area rug was left over from the previous owner and a few wicker pieces round out the decor in this corner.

Ecru and Blue Comforter

This beautiful comforter was found at a fabric warehouse where occasionally the fabric, linens and such are on sale at amazing prices – they’re priced by weight. I just love the soft colors of ecru and the beautiful quilted design on this comforter. I was able to find one sham – I usually combine pillows and shams on a bed anyhow!


I like Lots of pillows on a bed. They’re inviting and beautiful at the same time. These crocheted pillows were also thrifty finds! I purchased this sweet “Paris” pillow years ago from an Etsy shop. I love the combination of the natural fabric, vintage lace and graphics. 

Tea Tray

 A Sweet little tea tray is ready for the guests – all they need is their selection of tea and hot water. I love the look of the tea tray setting on the bed – when guests are not around. I painted this tray and added blue toile fabric with mod podge. 

Hydrangea Topiary

I made this Hydrangea topiary a couple years back. I think it complements well the room’s decor and gives a reminder in the wintertime of the promise and of the beauty of summer.

Cedar Wardrobe

Dearest had this sweet little cedar wardrobe when we married. This, actually, is my closet! I keep my seasonal clothes here. Some day I will transfer to another closet, at the moment our daughter is storing some of her things there. I have used this cedar closet for a number of years – I’ve learned to streamline and downsize my wardrobe. Atop the wardrobe I’ve put a vintage suitcase, one of our daughter’s little girl hats and a vintage chamber pot filled with dried flowers from a wedding. Love this look!

Rustic Pinecone Stars

I left the rustic pinecone stars I made for Christmas – I think they add a certain charm to the room.

Dress Form

When guests are not here, this room also serves as a craft and sewing room. There’s a small sewing table that doubles as a bed side table. This dress form was found at The Country Living Fair a few years back. I love it’s charm and have covered it with this graphic fabric – either I’ll make a pillow with it or size it to cover the form. What do you think? You can just see the built-in book shelves. There’s also space above for storage. I imagine that when the original owners built this house this room perhaps had dual purposes as a guest bedroom and as a library. The small bathroom off to the opposite side was once a blanket closet. Previous owners transformed it. Some day I hope to update it!

Vintage Picture

 Since this room has a bit of a feminine flair, I hung this lovely picture of this young girl. She’s actually someone from where I live – I went to an estate sale and found this family portrait. There’s something serene and thoughtful about the pose and the expression. I like that there’s a connection and a bit of history added to the decor of this room. This house had few owners. It was built in 1914 by the Fleming family. The wife was the Post Mistress and the Husband worked for the bank. At one time this little town was quite prosperous!

Winter Decor in the Guest Bedroom

This bedroom is ready to welcome our guests this winter. I hope they enjoy this room and it’s charm as much as I do.


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