Master Bedroom Winter Decor

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Master Bedroom Winter Decor

Easing into winter decor, I’m also revealing a big change in our Master bedroom. Dearest and I built an upholstered headboard for our king-sized bed. The reaction is that ‘it’s big!’ Yes, it is! We LOVE it! It took us some time working through just how to do it, but we’re so pleased with the end result. I’ll share very soon just how we did it. Today, I’m sharing the calm, serene look of our Master Bedroom Winter Decor.

Master Bedrooms – A Retreat

The walls in our master bedroom were given an aged patina look to work with the cracks in the plaster


Of all of the places and rooms in your home, your Master bedroom should be your retreat. It should be the place you go to relax and unwind from the day. To me, the colors and decor in your Master bedroom should be pleasing and serene. The color scheme of our bedroom hasn’t changed over the years. Sometimes I want to change the color of the walls, but if you can tell there’s a bit of patina on the walls. These walls are plaster and over time plaster cracks. Rather than repairing the cracks I took advantage of them with paint. The colors on the walls, bedspread, furniture and carpet are soft and muted. The room is large – with enough space to sit together to talk or to sit and read. 

Pillows – LOTS of Pillows

The Master bedroom is our retreat. It is now decorated in soothing colors for winter to include LOTS of pillows

As with the rest of the home, our bedroom has several blankets and pillows for comfort. The new headboard is inviting in that we can now comfortably sit and read. I love lots of pillows on the bed and on the little settee. These are european pillows with the two on the outer edge that can be reversed. 

The Serenity of Shades of Blue, Cream and Yellow


Blue is becoming one of my favorite colors. In the rooms of my home, I am leaning toward neutrals such as grays, greiges, creams and beiges. Blue, however, to me, evokes such serenity. I changed the color of our dining room from red to blue. We love that color so much, we’ve considered making it the bedroom’s color. BUT, for now, we’re keeping the room as it is. The only change over the years has been painting the furniture and now, making the headboard. Before, we had a four poster bed. I love the openness now to the room’s look.

Master Bedroom Fireplace

I love having a fireplace in our Master bedroom. This cozy sitting area is where I spend some time reading with the beautiful light coming through the windows at the front. We get southern exposure, so the room is light and bright throughout the day.

Creative Decor and Storage

 I shared in an earlier post that this house has precious little storage. One solution I have used is to store my seasonal clothing in these vintage  suitcases. My dresses, skirts and such are in a cedar wardrobe, actually, in the blue guest bedroom! (I’ll be sharing that bedroom’s winter decor in a few days!)

Simplified Tabletop Decor

 One of the things I strive for in transitioning to winter decor is simplicity. On my nightstand I have just a few decorative items. I’ve a small collection of pill cases and this sweet anniversary jewelry box are all I keep on my side – for now.

This chest of drawers has been my husband’s for years. This is in a cozy nook in the bedroom by the chair and window seat. The Master bedroom itself spans the width of the house save for the summer sleeping porch off to the other side of the room. I love that it’s there, Dearest uses that room as his office.

The window seat spans the majority of the southern side of the room. This is really the only place we can set the king-sized bed. 

Not only did Dearest and I make this headboard, but I also made this bedskirt. I wanted one that would be full and that would go the full length to the floor. I found a great solution that I’ll share with you just how I made this bedskirt. I found the neutral color and pattern to work well with all of the different looks I plan for this bedroom. 

Let the wintry temperatures and weather blow outdoors. In our sunny, calm Master bedroom retreat we will find the peace and serenity in the soothing colors of the winter decor.






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