Guest bedroom reveal for One Room Challenge

Be My Guest…A Serene Welcoming Bedroom Reveal

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One of the greatest things we can do is make our homes inviting and welcoming to guests and I have done this to one of my bedrooms.

redecorating a bedroom to be welcoming to guests - a One Room Challenge Reveal

I have been looking forward to transforming one of the children’s bedrooms to a guest bedroom. I envisioned a place where they could rest, relax and renew themselves. As a result, I chose soothing, colors and decor – so, be my guest…here’s a serene, welcoming bedroom reveal.

Making a Guest bedroom welcoming and comfortable. One Room Challenge

The finishing Touches

After selecting the color scheme, the furniture and accessories, I have finally put together the final touches. This surrounds the bed. This bed was purchased a while back with this French decor scheme in mind. Painting the bed and some of the other pieces brought the whole vision together. 

Creating a serene guest bedroom with neutral colors

Serene Neutrals

The comforter, pillows and blankets are primarily neutral in color. Comfort is the most important thing. I love to lounge on a bed draped with a light blanket and propping myself on volumes of pillows. I believe my guests will feel no different. 

Fresh flowers and stationery provided to guests

Reading and Writing

I love the art of writing letters. I also adore a good book. My guests will find lovely stationery and an array of books to draw their attention.

Fresh flowers are a joy in any room

Fresh Flowers

Every room is more beautiful with fresh flowers. Not only are they lovely, but they’re also very welcoming.

The beauty of fresh flowers in a room...this is a guest bedroom reveal for One Room ChallengeI so love Peonies…they’re brief beauty is always delightful.

When guests come, they’re given time to unwind. A cup of coffee or tea with a treat is a wonderful way to welcome your guest.

The Guest bedroom is ready now for guests. It is a peaceful, serene place to rest and to restore themselves. 

The guest bedroom ready for any guest to come, visit and to rewind

The Guest Bedroom Renovation Plan….

The first part was the color scheme. Using the 60-30-10 + 10 color plan  the room is decorated in Pink – Sherwin Williams Charming Pink, Beige and Gold. The furniture is painted in two complementary beige colors – similar but not matching. Green is the extra 10 percent in the room’s decor scheme and black is that neutral color that can go with every thing.

Accessorizing the guest bedroom to be welcomingThe decor in this room has a lot of gold…a Parisienne influence in the room’s decor scheme.

Guests are welcomed with coffee or tea Black and white images, including artwork of some of my favorite places in Savannah give charm to this guest bedroom.

Be my guest...a guest bedroom renovation for One Room ChallengeThe room is ready, be my guest.

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