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5 Reasons to Make Savannah an Amazing Vacation Destination


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Savannah is one of my favorite cities to visit. Right on top of the list! Every opportunity I have to go I jump at it. Whether I’m going to a conference, following Dearest for his or simply going for pleasure, I do so love visiting Savannah. Here are my reasons to make Savannah an amazing vacation destination.

five reasons to vacation in Savannah, GA

  1. Savannah’s City Squares – 

On February 12, 1733 General James Oglethorpe and settlers on the ship, “Anna” landed on the Yamacraw bluff and were greeted by Tomochichi, the Yamacraws and traders John and Mary Musgrove. Oglethorpe founded the city of Savannah on that date and the colony of Georgia named after England’s King George II. Oglethorpe laid out the plan for the city with four open squares surrounded by four civic ‘trust’ wards. Known as the ‘Oglethorpe Plan‘ these squares included gardens, farms and outlying villages. This created a beautiful balance in city and country lots. Over time some of the garden squares were added and some lost leaving 21 garden squares in the historci district town of Savannah. 

My Favorite Squares:

  • Johnson Square was built by Oglethorpe himself
  • Wright Square – dedicated to the Indian Chief – Tomochichi who greeted Oglethorpe
  • Chippewa Square – made famous by the movie, “Forrest Gump”
  • Monterey Square – where The Mercer House,  home of Jim Williams who is the subject of the murder trials, a story made famous in the book ‘Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil’
  • LaFayette Square – you’ll find the beautiful Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, the Hamilton Turner Inn, The Andrew Low House and the home of author Flannery O’Connor.
  • Forsyth Park and it’s beautiful fountain

Trolley tours in Savannah Ga

These squares are part of the wonderful Trolley tours and are easily visited simply by walking through the city. I love both options. Every one should take the trolley tours at least once and then visit Savannah at your own pace. 

Five reasons to visit Savannah the Waving Girl on River Street

2. River Street

We oftentimes stay at one of the hotels along Bay Street one street over from River Street. On River Street you’ll find several charming stores, lots of sweets, great restaurants, local talent and a great place to people watch. Also, you’ll see several ships passing by hauling their cargo, yachts and tour boats. There are beautiful statues to include the Waving Girl. Florence Martus (1868-1943) lived in a cottage by the river and for 44 years greeted the passing ships by waving her handkerchief by day and lantern by night. Those on the ships would wave back or honk their horn. 

    Places to Shop in Savannah, GA 

    3. Local Shops

You can find a wonderful variety of sweets including the famous Pralines and chocolates at several stores. Some of my favorite places to shop include The Savannah Bee Company. I just LOVE their body butter! I also love The Paris Market. You can find beautiful soaps and decorative items. Several antique shops with unique items. 

Places to eat in Savannah Georgia while on vacation 

   4. Places to Eat

There are several wonderful places to eat. One of the most famous is The Lady and Sons, Paula Deen’s restaurant. It is wonderful and has a fun store below. Most of the places boast delicious seafood, a must when visiting Savannah. At my last visit a friend told me she dined at Cha Bella a farm to table restaurant – that’s now on my list for my next visit! Also, don’t miss a visit to Leopold’s Ice Cream! This is a wonderful way to rest and to enjoy a cool, sweet treat!

beautiful places in Savannah Georgia











    5. The Romance of the Trees and Historic Buildings and Homes

Those beautiful old Live Oaks with their limbs draped with Spanish Moss! They’re so beautiful and romantic. Dearest and I took a drive along some outlying neighborhoods  where even along these streets these trees graced the sides. I love the beauty of the buildings and homes with their intricate detail and wrought iron. Beautiful wrought iron can be found on homes, fences and gates in Savannah. 

Savannah is Beautiful Throughout the Year

Several of the squares and gardens are lined with gorgeous azaleas, Crape Myrtles, Oleander, Agapanthus and more making a visit any time of the year beautiful. I’m sure you’ll be just as enchanted by this lovely southern city as I am. I know too that you will find many of your own reasons to love visiting Savannah. Have you been there? What do you like about the city?

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