What Happens When You're so Close to Amazing - Giveaway!

What Happens When You’re So Close to Amazing


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What Happens When You're so Close to Amazing - Giveaway!

What Happens When You’re So Close to Amazing

My dear, sweet friend, KariAnne Wood author of Thistlewood Farms blog has always believed and strived for amazing. With her jubilant demeanor and outlook she has a way of positively looking at life the great achievements, the every day activities, the fragrance of the seasons, the love of family, the power of faith and the willingness to give it all her best effort. In her book, So Close to Amazing, KariAnne shares how that some times those things we envision and try and see ourselves totally rocking it with awesomeness that everyone will look at in awe…just comes so very close to amazing! 

So Close to Amazing book giveaway at A Delightsome Life

Her eyes dance when she talks and when she laughs. And she laughs a lot. She’s a girl after my own heart – filled with absolute joy and appreciation for the simple and important things in life. She also has what she calls, ‘totally asides’ where in the midst of sharing something she’ll veer off completely to left field and insert something funny or something deep and profound. Then, she’ll find her way back and you’re captured.

So Close to Amazing book giveaway at A Delightsome Life

She has a way of making you feel like life-long friends. She’s welcoming, she’s totally interested in you (really) and she will cause you to smile either by being in her presence, listening to her speaking or reading her blog posts. KariAnne will encourage you, call you ‘Sister’ and totally mean it, and will ‘pump you up’. Because she believes deep down inside that every one is special, every one is unique and every one is important. We don’t have to fit cookie cutter molds or emulate some one else’s life or lifestyle. What we bring to the world is so very important that every day we can wake up with joy knowing we have something worthwhile to share.

Sometimes things don’t work out the way we plan. Some times things we do or things we say just come so close to amazing…That’s o.k. Life is full of moments that we wish worked out differently, but with the advantage of the ability to look back in our lives we can appreciate the value of those so close to amazing moments. These are the moments where we grow and where we learn. 

So close to Amazing giveaway at A Delightsome Life

I’m so very pleased and honored to be able to offer a giveaway of KariAnne’s book, ‘So Close to Amazing’. This will be one that you’ll read through pretty quickly. There are awesome craft projects at the end of each chapter too! You’ll also find nuggets in quotes that will cause you to think, to smile and to be encouraged. KariAnne brings her own special melodic tune to life. I believe we all need a KariAnne in our life. Having her in the form of this book with her words you can practically imagine her sitting across your dining table smiling, laughing and talking with you (a few totally asides sprinkled in) AND drinking a sparkling, cold glass of tea – with lime. 

Oh, I almost forgot to mention…this book won’t be on sale until September (Amazon) and this book is signed by KariAnne! Bonus!

To enter simply leave a comment below. I will use Random Number Generator to pick a winner. Visit KariAnne – you’ll love the beautiful, inspirational posts she shares and of course her awesome stories. The girl is a gem! The winner will be selected on Monday, September 4, 2017. Make sure the email connected with the comment is one I can reach you at! 

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