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what to consider when you want to paint furniture at A Delightsome Life

To Paint or Not to Paint; To Age or Not to Age:

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The Many Considerations When Deciding to Paint Furniture and Decor

I love, love, love what paint can do in transforming the look of a piece of furniture or a decorative object. There are so very many things we can do with paint. We can refresh – make it look new. We can give it the appearance of a well-worn life with patina. Or, we can give it design by painting flowers, tromp l’oeil, add metallic shine, or just paint part and stain the rest. The combinations are only limited by your imagination.

what to consider when painting furniture at A Delightsome Life

How Do You Decide When and How to Paint

When you decide to paint something there are several things for you to consider include:

  • What is the style of the decor in the room?
  • What is the overall look/ambiance in the room?
  • What is the use/purpose of the piece of furniture?
  • What color do you want to paint?
  • If giving aged patina – do you want to layer paint?
  • If giving aged patina – do you want to add stain or wax or patina dust (Dust of Ages)?
  • Do you want to paint the whole piece of furniture?
  • Do you want to add gilding or  decorative paint?
  • Does it complement the look/ambiance of the room?

Painted Furniture I LOVE the power of paint!

How Do You Decide?

Today, not only do we have so many paint options but also types of paint. The advent of chalk paint has been a game changer in painting furniture. You don’t have to go through several steps of preparation – the chalk paint glides on and covers furniture beautifully. It also gives you the opportunity to decide to keep int clean or to give it patina. Either way, you will need to finish it off with a coating. You can select either a wax or a poly coating.

  • Decide the decor style to your room
  • Look for inspiration – Pinterest and Instagram are amazing sources for inspiration
  • Ask around what paint or product others like
  • Ask for someone’s opinion (take it lightly)
  • Do what in your heart you wish to – your vision

there's no right or wrong when deciding to paint furniture at A Delightsome Life

There’s No Right or Wrong

This is the great part. There really is no right and wrong. Just like you can get many and various opinions on a subject, there are many options when deciding to paint, not to paint, to keep clean, to age and such. We can also combine the look in a room. Here’s where I think it will work – trust your heart. Trust what you feel to be beautiful and what makes you happy. I love painted furniture and I love French decor. Both clean and aged pieces work very well together in that design. 

decor styles that lend themselves to painted furniture include French and English cottage at a Adelightsome Life

Decor Styles That Lend To Patina

Just about any Cottage style. Shabby Chic made chippy furniture beautiful. French Cottage and English Cottage both include combinations of old and new. I think the only decor style that may more tend toward the clean look is Modern Classic. BUT, a decorative piece with a bit of age and patina adds surprise and interest to that room. So, in the world of paint we are unlimited in our options.

You can paint just about anything furniture to decor

What Can You Paint

Not to be funny, but it is – just about any thing that will stand still! Isn’t that fun! I not only love to paint furniture – but also, frames, baskets, books, boxes, statues, metals, candlesticks, ceramics…the list can go on! You can make something that looks dull and drab into something that is beautiful and interesting just by using paint. 

little red bench became little blue bench at A Delightsome Life

Paint is Forgiving and Can Be Easily Changed

The great thing about paint is if you don’t love it – you can paint over it. I’ve done this several times. After ‘living’ with something for a while and I want a ‘different’ look – I turn to paint! You’re not stuck with a piece or furniture or decorative object if it doesn’t work out as you’d hoped – paint, paint and paint again – if you wish. Don’t get discouraged – just try again!

painted hutch things to consider when deciding to paint furniture

What Do You Think? Do You Like to Paint?

I’d love to hear what you love to do? Do you like clean painted furniture? Do you like aged – patina? Or do you prefer furniture stained? The great thing is to paint or not to paint is your personal expression – this is your home, this is your furniture and this is your joy! To Paint or not to paint…you decide!

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