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The Allure of Autumn

There is a sweetness to this time of the year…that draw our hearts, make us reflect and become sentimental. I am delighted to join some wonderful Bloggers sharing our homes decorated for this beautiful season. I am thankful that Amber of Follow the Yellow Brick Home brought us all together for this event. This is the last day of the event! Her blog follows mine today…if you missed the others…well, you’ll REALLY want to go and visit…but, for this moment…join me in celebrating the allure and enchantment of Autumn.

The beautiful allure of autumn draws me...this is a romantic time of the year - A Delightsome Life

“We romantics love rainy days and fall afternoons because they give us time to reflect’ Nancy Lindemeyer. This is a girl after mine own heart. I am a romantic at heart and she struck a chord in me. I love rainy days, cool weather and a quiet walk in the woods this time of the year.

The autumn light subtle beauty of autumn on A Delightsome Life

September’s Lingering Light

As twilight descends ever so much earlier we find that there is a quietude that speaks to our spirits. Slowly, thoughtfully and joyfully, each moment is savored this fall. The warmth and fun of Summer is transformed to this jeweled time of the year. The light…completely enchanting.

Autumn is the perfect time to linger over a book, a time to reflect on A Delightsome Life

This is the time we linger long while walking. We pick up books, we are wrapped in a soft blanket or sweater and let our imaginations drift. A cup of tea, coffee or cider by our side….we are content.

Autumn's golden hour on A Delightsome Life

The Sweet Heart of the Season

This golden time when the air is filled with crispness and there is a delicacy as the first leaf falls gracefully from a tree. Then the air seems to dance with leaves in this thrilling season. The colors, the fragrances…bring on an air of enchantment.

Every leaf speaks bliss to me on A Delightsome Life

‘Every leaf speaks bliss to me falling from the autumn tree’ Emily Bronte

The comforts of autumn, shared on A Delightsome Life

The first moment we need a sweater and lift our faces to the gentle, cooler breeze, the first recognition of the change in light…the first step onto a path filled with colorful, some crispy leaves, these are some of the joys I look forward to this time of the year.

the joys of Autumn shared on A Delightsome Life

These are joys we seek in these autumnal days. This is the time we can go to orchards and pumpkin farms…when we taste the spicy sweetness of seasonal apples…or the sweetness of breads and jams made from the bounty of the harvest season.

the delights of an autumn day on A Delightsome Life

‘no spring nor summer beauty hath such grace, as I have seen in one autumnal face’. John Donne

Rooms in autumn are decorated for beauty and for comfort on A Delightsome Life

A room arranged with the understanding of the need for comfort. Each chair, each couch is now graced with a throw blanket…encouraging lingering, reading and perhaps napping. I have learned to appreciate the restorative value of a good nap!

the sky seems bluer in Autumn...the colors are brilliant on A Delightsome Life

In September we’re letting go of the last warm rays of summer’s sun, yet beginning to notice the slightly bluer blue of the sky and the more golden rays of the sun. I love the brilliance of the autumn blue sky and the wonderful complimentary contrast the trees. God paints such beauty in the fall season.

Apples one of the joys of autumn on A Delightsome Life

This is the time we sit and reflect as we reach for a crips apple…oh, the marvelous varieties of apples and what we can do with them. These sweet little treasures are perfect as a take-along pocket treat, as a pie, as a bread or applesauce…and cider! What a marvelous delight each day to look forward to!

adding beautiful fall decor to my office

a work place full of dreams – I love the romantic look of these sweet little pink velvet pumpkins… found this fabric by surprise and made as many as I could…they add to the charming, romantic Shabby Chic decor in my office…for inspiration.

A harvest basket filled with the bounty of summer on A Delightsome Life

A Tapestry of Harvest – the Market Basket

The well filled market basket, in the past was a custom…we no longer use, but is a beautiful reminder and looks wonderful filled with a tapestry of the harvest. I LOVE baskets and especially the beautiful French market, gathering and laundry baskets I have collected. My imagination takes me to a gentler, simpler time when going to the market including carrying one of these beautiful treasures.

Seasonal white pumpkins with dried Lavender in a French basket on A Delightsome Life“If a year was tucked inside of a clock, then Autumn would be the magic hour” Victoria Erickson

the seasons remains of summer and vibrance of autumn a vignette on A Delightsome LifeI actually have two places I work in my home. The desk in the kitchen is another marvelously inspiring location with a completely different atmosphere. Here I watch the world out my windows, I hear the bird and reflect with thankfulness the blessings and joy of the days behind me and before me.

This hutch has seen many transformations...this is my favorite - a Farmhouse Cottage styled kitchen hutch on A Delightsome LifeThe autumn light, the colors, the patina of the season I endeavored to enhance and recreate on this hutch. I think it reflects the charm of the season and the charm of Farmhouse Cottage style.

Come said the wind to the leaves one day, come o’er the meadows and we will play. Put on your dresses scarlet and gold for summer is gone and the days grow cold’. George Eliot

Summer is past, Autumn is here…the beauty of the days lay before us transforming us with its enchantments. Winter will be following with its clean, cold sculptural landscape…to draw us even closer together for comfort and warmth…then Spring, will revive the world and our spirits followed by the glorious warmth and carefree days to Autumn’s delicious saunter back into our lives…the beautiful cycles, the beautiful seasons all have something to offer and to bring us wonderful, lovely memories.

DIY blue and white pumpkin adds charm to the autumn tablescape on A Delightsome Life“Delicious Autumn! My soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive Autumns” George Eliot

The fireplace is ablaze with autumnal colors and a welcome to the Fall Harvest Home tour on A Delightsome Life

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