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Finding Value


I am constantly amazed at the world of blogging! I remember when I first began to read blogs – these talented DIY ladies, cooks, gardeners just intrigued and inspired me. Boy, I thought to myself, I’d love to be like one of them. Then one day I decided to create my own blog. Who would be interested in a woman living in a small rural town – an empty nester who loved to decorate her home, spend time in her garden, cook and do crafts. Well, I found out there are many Kindred Spirits out there! I recently met some! I’d love to share with you some of the things I found of value being a blogger in this Haven Conference Recap.

I Know You


O.K. I am by nature a very quiet, shy person – boy what would I give to have one-tenth the bubbly spirit I viewed personally in our dear blogging friend, KariAnne at Thistle Wood Farm. She’s the real deal, folks! When I made it to the hotel and saw how wonderfully, professionally the meeting rooms were set up – my excitement increased by leaps and bounds! The place was full of happy, chatty ladies and I saw many looking about with puzzled expressions, ‘just what is going on here?‘ was written across their faces. My first, ‘I know you’ was Sonya at Beyond the Screen Door and then Vidya at What’s Ur Home Story, who delighted my heart when she shared that she did some research on where my little home town is and it’s history! Then I had a wonderful conversation with Tanya at Run to Radiance – and her husband there too! I actually came home with a bunch of blogger’s business cards that I still need to go through! 

Kindred Spirits Meet and Share


Bloggers don’t come in one cookie cutter image – there were young ladies, young mommies – some with babies in tow, moms with school aged children, empty-nesters – like me and grandmothers. There were mother -daughter teams, husband-wife teams – can’t forget the guys! Many had similar interests and some had very unique interests. What I found fantastic was the camaraderie shared by all – with such enthusiasm! 

Awesome organizers!


I didn’t have the opportunity to personally meet each one of the amazing ladies who worked so well to put this event together – but I could tell they thoroughly enjoyed each other, shared creative responsibility and were everywhere making sure the event ran smoothly! The Haven organizers are: Rhoda of Southern Hospitality, Beth of Home Stories A to Z, Chris at Just a Girl, Sara at Thrifty Decor Chic, Traci at Beneath My Heart, Kristi at Creative Kristi and Kristen of Stockdale Designs, event planner.

Enthusiastic Sponsors

We each received this awesome tote filled with 'swag' - items from the Haven Conference sponsors..

We each received this awesome tote filled with ‘swag’ – items from the Haven Conference sponsors..

One of the great values I found at the Haven Conference was meeting the representatives from various companies who are looking to do business with Bloggers. I had lunch with one representative who was very new to her job. I thought how fantastic! Bloggers have created new positions in businesses for men and women who are eager to work with bloggers to share their products. In part of our conversation we agreed that what sets Bloggers apart from ‘celebrity’ sponsors and spokespersons is that we as bloggers truly live with these products using and reusing them! 

Awesome Sessions and DIY opportunities


I found that the number of classes available for these couple of days was astounding! The Bloggers selected to teach each class had honed her (and his) skills and knowledge in these areas such as Google+ (there is value in learning more about Google+); How to work with Brands, Photography and more. Several of the DIY sessions were taught by the vendors – ensuring terrific knowledge on these crafts and hands on eperience with the product or tool. 

Finding Value

A-DELIGHTSOME-LIFE-I-KNOW-YOU-HAVEN-CONFERENCEI kept home close to me with this digital photo frame, fresh flowers and tea (yes, I brought my electric kettle)

There is absolutely every reason for you to put on your calendar the dates for the next Haven Conference in 2015! You will meet fellow Kindred Spirits, discover value in what you do in sharing with others, meet awesome brand representatives, find interesting opportunities and plain have a wonderful time! I can’t wait until next year!

Find Your Value

  • embrace where you are in your blogging journey
  • encourage another who is just beginning
  • enlist help where you’d like to improve your blogging
  • engage your family in your blog
  • experiment in an area you’ve shied away from
  • exercise your social skills  – focus on one or two each week
  • envision where you want to be and plan your work – work your plan

I’ll share more of what I’ve learned and begun to implement in my blogging experience – so glad I plunged in just over four years ago – it’s a marvelous community of very giving people – I’m very please to be a part of this group and to be known as a blogger!

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