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Today, we’re juggling many hats! We’re so busy taking care of so many things – home, work, family and such. One of the most important tasks sometimes become the most dreaded…that question, ‘what’s for dinner?’ Sigh, after a long day, we may not have the energy to make something we truly want for our family – something delicious and healthy. Well, guess what? Someone came up with a cool solution – The Smart Bowl System.

What is Smartbowl?

Tricia Frigo, a working mother of four, enjoyed cooking for her family, but like us, found it challenging to create wonderful meals for her family after she returned to work. The Smartbowl system using few ingredients, simple recipes and fast cooking times provided her with a variety of options for her family’s mealtime.  

“Smartbowl system is a revolutionary cooking system that takes the guesswork out of cooking-the cutting edge technology does all the hard work”

The Bowl(s)


There are three bowls in graduated sizes – perfect for meals on the go and can be used to cook, serve and to store! The sizes are 2 Cups, 1 Cup and 1/2 Cup! The bowls are made out of borosilicate glass. Quite a word, isn’t it! What that means to us is basically, it’s temperature resistant – it can go from cold to hot. Not only that, it has ‘thermal conductivity’ which allows ‘optimal even heat – quickly’. That’s awesome – you know how wonderful microwave cooking is, but we have all dealt with uneven cooking and hot spots in our microwaved food!

The Lid


Made of ‘premium grade silicone’ ensures that it’s more durable than the average silicone lid you may already have. I have containers that their lids have over time become cracked and crumble…have you? You can tell a difference in the feel of the lids and in what they do!

How The Lids Work

Not only is there uneven heating oftentimes in microwave cooking, but things can also dry out. These lids combine two of the best worlds in cooking – fast microwave heating and steam cooking which preserves the moisture in food. Totally awesome! You press on the lids, then press the vent to release the air – as the food cooks – steams, the pressure releases when it has been enough and the lid opens partially.

Fast, Fresh and Nutricious

Not only can you cook foods in these bowls faster, but the method also aids in preserving the nutrition in fresh foods. The food will not only taste great, but also be good for you!

Many Uses

  • Meals to Go – create awesome salads, prep food to cook at work – in the microwave…
  • Storage – you can store food in your pantry with Smartbowl – using these awesome lids, you’ll remove air that will enable the food to last longer
  • Fast Meal Prep – With the wonderful recipes from Chef Art Smith, you’ll be able to create mouthwatering dishes – most take only 10 minutes to prepare!
  • Easy Measuring – you can measure directly into the bowls – measurements marked on the side of the bowl.
  • One Bowl Convenience – this is the cool part (or one of them) you can prep, cook, serve and store in just one bowl! 

You can see why I was excited to give these bowls a try!

The Meals I tried:


smart-bowls-with-smart-lids-quick-healthy-eating-1I did a soft poached egg with sun-dried tomatoes, salsa, garlic fresh pepper and salt. 


smart-bowls-with-smart-lids-quick-healthy-eating-3Salad my way – LOTS of mushrooms, tomatoes, roasted turkey, shredded cheddar, cranberries over spring mix leaves…dressing in the smallest Smartbowl!


smart-bowls-with-smart-lids-quick-healthy-eating-4I filled the bowl with fresh kale; placed Salmon on top – drizzled with fresh lemon juice-salt and pepper and in 2 minutes dinner was ready! Really!

I’m hooked….

smart-bowls-with-smart-lids-quick-healthy-eating-8I love what I’ve been able to use these amazing bowls for – I’ve stored with them, made lunch to go and cooked in them. I’m looking forward to trying out even more recipes!


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