Forcing Narcissus Bulbs for Rustic Christmas Decor

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Rustic Christmas Decor – With Narcissus

I love the sweet fragrance and beauty of the small starlike blossoms of the Narcissus. They’re gorgeous when forced for indoor beauty in the Winter. They’re even more lovely when combined with your Christmas decor. Here’s how and when to force Narcissus for Christmas Decor.

How and When to force Narcissus for Christmas DecorHow and When to Force Narcissus for Christmas Decor

This year, our Christmas decor will feature natural elements – for a more rustic feel. Potted Narcissus, forced for the winter, make beautiful Christmas decor. Forcing Narcissus Bulbs for Rustic Christmas Decor – is quite easy.


I love these sweet, fragrant white jewels gracing the rooms in my home. In the dark, bare winter they bring a touch of spring delight. As part of Christmas decor, they add natural beauty. You can easily find Narcissus bulbs, Amaryllis bulbs, Hyacinth and even Tulips can be coaxed to bloom indoors during the winter.

How to Force Narcissus Bulbs for Christmas Decor


Collect your material:

  1. Narcissus Bulbs
  2. shallow dishes
  3. pebbles, marbles, gravel or glass beads


In the small dishes or planters fill about 3/4 way full with the pebbles, marbles or such.


Place the bulbs, root side down side by side in the dish. Add more pebbles, marbles or such to secure the bulbs.


Add just enough water to cover the bottom-root end of the bulb. Keep that amount of water -and or water solution (see below).


Place these dishes with the bulbs in a well lit room – near a window is great. In 4 to 6 weeks you will be rewarded with beautiful blooms.

How to Avoid the bloom stalks from falling over


This is a fascinating tip! As you see, I’ve used Narcissus in my Christmas decor in the past. Because of the low-indoor light, the stalks can grow tall and lanky. The heaviness of the blooms will cause them to fall over. You can do what I did – tie a pretty ribbon midway up or follow this interesting tip.

  • When your Narcissus stalks get about 2 to 3 inches tall remove the water from the dish and replace with a mixture of water and alcohol. Yes, that’s right – alcohol. From what I’ve read – vodka or gin work best. If you’re like me and don’t drink – I’ve read that isopropyl rubbing alcohol works just as well! This will stunt it’s growth causing the stems to be shorter and stronger!

Ratio of Alcohol to Water

  • You will want your water-alcohol solution to be 4-6% alcohol. If you use the beverage instead of the rubbing alcohol – gauge based upon the ‘proof’ of the alcohol. For instance, if it is 40% proof – divide by five and take away one – resulting in 7%. Then you’ll add 7 parts water to 1 part alcohol.
  • Rubbing Alcohol is 70% – so, divided by 5 = 14. I will add 14 parts water to 1 part rubbing alcohol.

Simple, Rustic Start to Christmas Decor….

In the Dining Room


Mint Julep Cups

Mint Julep Cups

forcing-narcissus-for-christmas-decor-16-copy                                                                               French Tureen

In the Living Room

forcing-narcissus-for-christmas-decor-19              Yep! That’s Dearest’s stocking feet photo bombing the picture – he had a great nap!

Unusual Planter….


forcing-narcissus-for-christmas-decor-11I found this at Lowes – it is a Drywall Mud Pan. Look around your home…whatever fits your decor, colors and style – if it’s shallow – it can be used to force bulbs!

Christmas decor can be fun, easy and unusual. Rustic Christmas decor can include what you find in your garden…and those lovely bulbs that you find for sale every where!

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