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Storm at Beach

My Darling Daughter and I took a few days holiday last week with some of my siblings and their family. It was such a lovely time. I am not one to sunbathe, but I do like early morning walks when it is peaceful and sparcely populated. I also enjoyed walks along the area we stayed. There were a few ponds filled with birds. I loved watching the Swans. They were constantly grooming when I passed by. Darling Daughter and I knew that the forecast called for some rain while we were there, so we debated until the last minute whether to take her car or my husband’s car; She calls it the ‘fun car’; it is a convertible. Fun won out. The funny/sad part was we transferred everything back and forth between car trunks and I forgot to check her back seat where I had placed my computer bag. There it stayed as we blissfully travelled along the road. I called Dearest and he found it placing it in the house. This did affect my ability to publish Home and Garden Thursday on time – with a hiccup or two I was able to accomplish it. Here are a few photos from our trip.

Early Morning at Beach

Storm and Jogger on Beach

Beach Shoreline and hotels


Swan Grooming

Swan two

Funny Duck

ducks and ducklings

Fountain in Pond

Pond and Willow Tree


The first morning we were there my Brother-in-Law and I took a long stroll on the beach. As we arrived a storm cloud rained over us – this is it as it passes over the sea. I thought of all who are going through something and how at times storms do come to our lives – but they will pass over. I pray for the family of the nineteen firefighters who lost their lives fighting the fire out wes and for those who are living where it is dangerously hot – and for anyone who has a personal storm they’re going through – be strong….God is with you.

Storm at Beach with verse

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