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One of the best things I like about paint, is that it can flow with whatever decor style touches my heart at the time…I love the many creative designs you can make simply with paint. Whether you want to create clean lines, patina or imitate stone…you can do it with paint. This is just what I recently did with the two nightstands in our Master bedroom – I created beautiful faux marble tabletops.

how to paint faux marble tabletop

How to Easily Make a Beautiful Faux Marble Tabletop

Now, I truly did love the previous look…I created a French inspired blue and silver look. This complemented the soft yellow in the room. There’s a lot of patina in the room – especially the walls.


faux marble tabletop nightstand in master bedroomMore Serene…More Softness

But now, in many rooms of my house, I am leaning toward a softer, more serene color scheme. I’m still debating with myself whether to paint over the patina of the bedroom walls…They may have more life left in them…It all depends on the changes made to the furniture.

painted nightstand and chair in master bedroom

Paint Transforms Any Style of Furniture

This bedroom set we’ve had for a very long time…and we’ve slowly transformed most of it. I will be working on the dresser and armoire soon. These pieces are not heirloom pieces…their from a well-known furniture store that sells by the room. This was perfect for us at the time…years, and years ago when the children were very young. And they’ve held up well…So, with paint…I can give them a whole new appearance –

faux marble top on nightstand

I Wasn’t Sure of the Style…At First

As with most everything I paint, I know that there's going to be something different about it. Whether I add layers of paint... Click To Tweetor add script to the top surface.

This time, I decided not to go with chalk paint…I searched my stash of paint…I was searching for a very light shade of gray. I found a soft greige color that actually is part of the downstairs color – just some left over paint.


painted nightstand in master bedroom

This Time I Sprayed the Paint…

Oh, my! I LOVE paint sprayers! Especially this one. This transformation was so quick! And the finish beautiful! I loved the soft, clean lines now of the nightstands.

painted nightstand in Master bedroom

Still, I needed to add something different.

My lady’s dressing table has been the same for years…and I love it’s patina and design…I painted faux marble it’s top…So, with the nightstands, I could do the same, only with shades of gray.

How to Paint Faux Marble

How I Created Faux Marble

The method is easy and the tools few. What you’ll need:

  • three shades of paint – white for the base, light and dark gray
  • sea sponges – one for the white and for the light gray
  • paint brush – small for veining
  • Poly or clear coat for protection
  1. The first thing I did was to randomly sponge on the white paint over the whole of the surface. The look of the marble begins to come to light. You’ll want more here and there. But, don’t worry. You’ll come back to cover the whole of it at the end.
  2. The second thing will be to randomly sponge on the light gray. With this shade, you are developing the pattern of the veining that will come next. Marble is created from limestone by heat and pressure. The layers develop revealing the veining. The light gray will be alongside the darker veins.
  3. Once the first to applications of paint are on add veining with the dark gray. With a very light hand paint on dark veins her and there imitating the pressure the stone had been under. If you don’t like it…You can either paint over or lighten it up a lot with the next few steps.
  4. Next, you’ll go back over the whole of the table with more sponging from the white paint. If you’ve added more than you want here and there. You can add more of the light gray. This is all about what pleases your eye. Pause, step back and look at the whole.
  5. Once the pattern of the marble looks as you want. You want to slightly blend all the colors together to give it a smoother appearance. I start at one corner in the front and lightly sponge with the white paint – sparingly added – in a straight line going toward the back working my way across the whole of the top. I’m smoothing and blending, lightening without taking away the pattern.
  6. Let this all dry and then apply protective coating. There you have it. You’ve created faux marble.

how to easily paint faux marble tabletop

I will be repeating this whole process with the mirrored dresser – step by step – very soon.

Paint. It’s a wonder! You’re only limited by your imagination. You can make any piece of furniture look how you want it to. It will become uniquely yours.


faux marble painted nightstand in Master bedroomDo you like to paint furniture? What’s your favorite kind of paint? What’s your favorite painting style or method? I’d love to know!

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