When One Can See The Beauty in a Simple Cottage

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Daydreamers and believers. They see beyond the surface and what can be. This is the story of a girl, a cottage and a dream – come true – beyond measure. French Country Cottage became the story in a beautiful book.

French Country Cottage Book Review

French Country Cottage

Last week, I shared with you my interview with a sweet lady who wears many, many hats now…but just a few short years ago – she wore the hat of mother, wife, dreamer and new home owner. Courtney Allison and her husband found a cottage in the countryside of California. This cottage, as she put it was charming but uninhabitable. Yet, the dreamer and believer in her with the help of husband and children…became what dreams are made of.

French Country Cottage Book Review

French Country Cottage  – the blog

Courtney shared her adventures in restoring this home and a small cottage on the property along with her passion for flowers, beauty, tablescapes and most importantly French Cottage style.

Inspired by Beauty

In her new book, French Country Cottage, Courtney retells her story giving homage to what inspires her: details, patina and those abundant flowers.

French Country Cottage Book Review

The Girl Behind the Curtain

In a very vivid way, Courtney compares herself to the Wizard of Oz. In that behind the curtain is this girl – who found her passion in decor and most importantly – photography. Through photography she began to share with the world stories in picture – her vision of the beauty of design, placement and time…

French Cottage Style

French Cottage Style

As with many, and as with passing years – Courtney’s tastes changed and developed. What stayed constant was the love of patina, rustic mingled with refined. These are the core elements of the beauty of Cottage style.

French Country Cottage book

Soft Texture and Color

The softer side of French Country – is woven throughout Courtney’s home with antiques, dishes, fabrics and china…inside and outside her home.

French Country Cottage book review


Light is everything – with photography as well as setting the perfect mood in a room. In as many rooms as possible Courtney has added a touch of French elegance in her home with crystal chandeliers.

French Cottage Decor book

French Elements in the Rooms

From antiques to her newest lovely find a Lacanche range…simply gorgeous! Courtney has filled her home with beauty and comfort for her family. In her kitchen copper pots sparkle ready to prepare the next meal. In the living cozy couch near a beautiful fireplace – reflected by a large mirror. In her bedroom serene furniture, a gilded couch where her smallest friends find comfort.

French Country Cottage book garden

Beauty Outdoors

Places to rest and places to visit mingle with places to ponder in Courtney’s garden. She’s added a charming greenhouse, fireplace, seating and more…just follow the pea gravel paths to all the gorgeous wild flowers. You will even find a dreamy hammock at the edge of the woods.

French country cottage book

Romantic Style and More

Courtney has filled her book with her signature dreamy romantic style…the style that graces her home and her life. She is not only a Blogger, writer, photographer – she is also Editor of Romantic Homes magazine.

French Country Cottage the book

French Country Cottage – the book

What dreams may come true…This book is now one of my treasures. More so because I know the girl behind the curtain. I’ve seen her heart and know that there will be more to discover and to share…more charm, more flowers – abundant flowers…more French Country Cottage style charm.

Get Your Copy of French Country Cottage

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