First Thoughts


When I awake, my mind begins to churn and to list all of the things I need to do. I think of the challenges of life that are happening in my life and the lives of those I love. I’ve begun to train myself to wrangle my thoughts and to purposefully begin by prayer and praise in the morning.

Beautiful Lyrics


I have Steve Green’s Morning Light CD. I like these songs so much that I’ve included them in playlists, one I call ‘Garden Serenity’. I’ve included beautiful music that sets the tone of my heart and mind while I am doing the tasks in the garden that need to be done. I recently listened to these songs while helping my daughter redecorate her bedroom. We changed the room from a girly look to a more mature look for a college-aged young lady. 

Lord of the Dawn

We’re thankful for the rising sun, for warmth and hope in the breaking dawn,

for mercy, grace and creation’s song, to know we have only begun

giving thanks to the Lord of the dawn. 

We’re thankful for a life that’s full, that ev’ry hour you control,

for the powerful way your light breaks forth, to know we have only begun

giving thanks to the Lord of the dawn. 

Beginning your day


this way won’t change the circumstances of your life, it will change you. You’ll be prepared to face what ever may come your way when you first begin to express thankfulness, joy and praise. You can also trust knowing that nothing takes God by surprise and have confidence that you can have a wonderful day or beautifully weather the storm that may come your way.

All That You Say

All that you say and reveal, all you command or conceal, all of your word here for me,

all that you say is all that I need.

Blest are the ones who will listen, blest are the ones who will hear.

Speak, Lord while I am waiting, speak while my heart is near.

All that is true, all that’s right, all that is pure radiant light,

 all of your heart here for me, all that you say is all that I need.

And blest are the ones who will listen. Blest are the ones who will hear.

Speak, Lord, while I am waiting, speak while my heart is near.

Begin by waiting


Take a moment before you rise to gather your thoughts and to praise God for the coming day. Take time to give over to God all of your concerns and those that you love. Set your heart to be ready to be for others the one who can bring joy to the day because you’ve started your day filling your heart and mind with joy.

How do you begin your day?

I hope you have a blessed week, I will be thinking of you – in the mornings.

 Morning Light-Songs to Awaken – here’s a link to the CD I enjoy, if you’d like to check out the rest of the songs.

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